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BEGAN THE OSU-NCAA SAGA WERE "SILLY." Pryor, who said again that he sold his memorabilia to help his mother, which the players and the "I mean, it is very silly.

Just like the guy said, it was silly, I believe it was silly. But at the end of the day, it was a rule and we broke it and we have to live with it," Pryor said. "We broke the rule especially with some of the stuff that has been going on the last year forward and try to make the best out of it." lot of time with the quarterbacks coach and those guys hammer us an But he was set back by how things ended at Ohio State, with his five-game suspension in college applied to the start of his NFL career by commissioner Roger Goodell. cleveland.com
games coming out of college That really held me back. I came into the COMING TUESDAY: A prison interview with former Ohio State receiver Ray Small


In our city, the language is Spanish.

But there are a lot of people from different countries here, so they also speak other languages, such as Chinese and Muslim. These days, people like learning languages too for studying, working or travelling reasons. The most commons are English and French. We have got another typical language which old people used to speak some years ago.

It is called Panocho, but now it is dying out.


In Murcia, the official language is Spanish but there is a particular way of speaking the Spanish language named "panocho". It consists of the omission of the last sound or syllable, for example: "todo" sounds "to". In Panocho dialect there area lot of own and it is very complicated for tourists to understand us. Language in my country In Spain there are five different languages: Galician, Euskera, Catalan, Valenciano and Spanish. The official language in all the country is Spanish; the other four languages are co-official languages in different places of Spain.

Moreover, there are a lot of languages spoken by tourists and immigrants like English, Italian, French, Arabic, Germany, and many more. In addition, in Spain people try to learn English as second or third language both for work and as a hobby.

Spanish but we speak with a special accent. There is a dialect called panocho that nowadays it is not spoken. In Alcantarilla people is starting to wear brand clothes. In the past people wore comfortable clothes to work in the country.


is Spanish, but we have also an old language, known as "Panocho" that was spoken years ago by local inhabitants.


Nowadays, there is an only one difference between people who live in the city and people who live in the nearest villages: young people live in the city. This is because more people than in the past go to University and it is in the city. Another change that we can see is about Technology. Nowadays most of the citizens use gadgets such as I-Pods, mobiles phones, tablets or laptops, which are very popular among young people.

We could conclude that nowadays young people is moving the world and leading the change.


from the life of Jesus and his saints. Another important occasion is the celebration of the festivities in end a witch is burned. Oh, what a pity! Finally, I think there are too many Virgins and too much alcohol.


Murcia has a lot of traditions like its local dances where people wear traditional clothes or the processions with religious idols on the streets.

At Christmas you can see in a lot of figures where Jesus birth is shown / represented. this annual festival, people come from all over the villages to go with the local saint "La Fuensanta" to the mountain where she has her church.


There are many special occasions in which you can enjoy the people, the weather and the beautiful squares in Murcia. At Christmas you can see a fantastic festival in "Santo Domingo" square, at Easter there are great figures of Salzillo in the street and, of course, in summer you can enjoy our fantastic beaches, some of which are still wild. It is easy to find a special occasion to have a beer at the flowers square with good friends.


In Spain there are a lot of festivals, but people celebrate specially two of them.

- Easter. It is a Catholic celebration in which people commemorate Jesus death. - Christmas. People celebrate when Jesus was born and when the Three Wise Men visited him in Belen.


In Murcia people always go out to have a lunch on Sunday to relax or they do other funny activities with the family. Also, people take a snack on Friday after work.

However, young people go out to parties or just go for a walk with friends at the weekend.


There is a variety of traditions in Murcia. One of them is about food. In Murcia it is typical eating meat cakes that, I think, are only made in our region and they are very good, but, unfortunately, it has a lot Also, there are religious traditions like the processions at Easter, in which its members give sweets to the public that see them. with the Fuensanta Virgin to her house in the mountain. Every year, more and more people go with her when the Fair finishes.


Most of people in Murcia are catholic or they practise the Catholicism. In Catholicism there are several types of groups: Nowadays, because of immigration we can see people with different religions like Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. All commons religions have a unique God, and a book which contains his dogmas, recommendations, rules and life habits.


Here in Murcia the most of the population is traditionally catholic. But, nowadays, more and more people are living their lives apart from religion. Immigration also has brought other religions such as


In Spain, the traditional religion is Christianity and we usually celebrate all the festivities related to his religion like Easter and Xmas.

because it is possible that before, people had more free time than now to go to the church, for example. I said that almost all people are catholic but there are more and more people with different cultures in Spain and therefore, also there are different religions like the Muslim one. RELIGIOn In Alcantarilla, almost all people are catholic, then they believe in "Virgen de la Salud", the patron-saint of the town. Unfortunately, young people are interested in other things and they Also, there are people that practise other religions, for example, Jehovah Witnesses or Evangelists. In conclusion, in Alcantarilla there are people with different religions, but the most important is that everybody respects the other people, in fact, we live and let live.


In the past people worked in the market garden; however, nowadays this kind of job is disappearing in the name of the progress.

Currently, most of the people work and live in the city, and this on the one hand, the improvement in the access to school education and, on the other hand, the loss of a good familiar education in terms of social values because parents have to work.


I remember when I was a child, kids in my neighbourhood used to play all together in the street after they finished class, but than before, so young people spend more time watching TV, playing at opinion it is bad.


CommentsShare ------------------------- a sports league decides to create one or more new expansion teams in North American sports. One of the ways of stocking the new team or teams is an expansion draft. Although how each league conducts them varies, and they vary from occasion to occasion, the system is usually something similar to this: Each existing team is told it can "protect" a certain number of its existing contracted players by furnishing their names to the league allowed to select players not on the protected lists in a manner generally a maximum number of players that can be selected from any one team, at least without the team losing the player receiving something in compensation such as a future entry draft pick. The teams subject to losing players are going to put all of the players they truly need on the protected list.

This means that the expansion franchise is usually left to choose among players who are old, injury prone, failing to develop as the teams had intended, or perhaps so highly compensated that a team wishes to remove them from the payroll. For this reason, expansion teams are often noncompetitive Most teams seem to try largely to make a team which will serve until it can begin to develop its own talent, although occasionally players discarded by their old teams benefit from the change in environment and become stars, either again or for the first time. A similar process occurs when an existing franchise is disbanded and the players contracted to it become available to the remaining teams; this process is referred to as a dispersal draft


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