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Marketing Metrics Benchmark study, silverpop.com
analyzing key metrics of fourteen different industries in the U.S. and Canada, as well as countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. When evaluating open rates, CTRs, CTORs and list churn statistics, the top performing vertical industries included education, computer hardware,
telecom and electronics, and retail. While the study did not uncover any unexpected metrics, it does offer a series of benchmarks for email marketers to use as a measuring stick against their own email marketing results.



time of day. [Source: 2015 Email-Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study 2015 by Silverpop] sparkpost.com
2015 Email-Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study 2015 by Silverpop And, of course, the percent opened is directly related to your click could be at fault: it could be because you have the wrong product, the giving may not be relevant to the user today, even if it might be at a future point in time. But before you toss your subject lines, remember that a low open rate percent might not be a direct indication that your subject line subtle deliverability factors are in play. You might have authentication or throttling issues, or the ISP may never have delayed in the chart below, you can see that only 1/3 of

messages are being accepted by this particular ISP on the first attempt, and although over 80% are being accepted by the fifth attempt. Of course, if your email is time-sensitive, this sort of delay is not the outcome you want to see! SparkPost. The 1st/2nd/3rd attempt is a level of reporting not all ESPs offer. sparkpost.com
something like this: sparkpost.com
ISPs may start to throttle or even suspend your email delivery when otherwise present characteristics that suggest spam. For example, if and no one has opened it, it might not be because of timing, but rather because of throttling. Each ISP has different rules when it can contact the ISP or work with your email delivery

service. But without those expert deliverability services, as a marketer you


digest in one sitting, the study takes on open rates, CTRs, CTORs, management, the key differences between top and bottom performers were most apparent by percentage of hard bounce rates and unsubscribes. While top performers received less than a 1 percent bounce rate, low performers experienced close to a 10 percent bounce. Top performers included education, computer hardware, telecom and electronics, and retail. nexcess.net
If you run your blog or online business on WordPress, that take on why bloggers should assert ownership of their transactional emails and steer away from the humdrum impression your site makes using basic WordPress

functionality. Not only can you add some stuff with easy analytics software made especially for you. Think only marketing emails need to be authenticated? Think again. Email authentication of transactional email ensures that your customers receive important transactional notifications in a timely


be the next big thing in email marketing? way, that metric could become the reality for many emarketers. The open/reach metric is defined as the number of people who have of time, from a quarter to a year, depending on the frequency of mailings. Engagement is currently

measured by open, clicks and conversions. The need to drive these metrics have led to marketers trimming their lists subscribers does not click frequently on mailings, they may well respond sporadically.


The title says it all. For a deeper more insightful look at your email usage statistics, get a personalised email report card contactually.com
Contactually. Interesting metrics include: * Email Mood * Popular Subject Lines * Popular Words * Subject Line Length With the amount of spam and direct marketing messages that one good grade on metrics such as unresponded

emails and email totals. an excellent way to gain brand awareness in the marketplace. marketingprofs.com
When it comes to gaming, email is key to gamer retention, increasing customer lifetime value as well as brand recall. disclosure and value for gamers when requesting for their email. Here are the recommended guidelines for lead nurturing and enhanced customer service: * REQUEST FOR AN EMAIL early in the gaming process together with details on what players can expect to

receive through email * PROVIDE PLAYERS WITH A VALUE-ADD of some kind immediately after they sign up through their email address. For example, when I signed of Warcraft, I was immediately provided with a free downloadable online guide to the game through email. * Use of EVENT TRIGGERED EMAILS for more effective brand engagement instead of weekly updates. Has the player just conquered Diablo III? Invite them to start playing Starcraft with a free trial. * USE ANALYTICS to determine the playing habits of individual subscribers, followed by appropriate tailoring of the messages. For receiving weekly email updates from your company, but not those who have not played in a while. For these players,

reactivation messages with gifts when they resume game play would be more effective. them set the terms and grounds for communication with a preference center. If they opted in to certain types of communication, brand. The article also calls for branding consistency by ensuring players who have signed up for a specific game are getting emails from the game they signed up for and not the parent company. I have to say, me. If I am interested in Dragons of Altantis from Kabam for example, of Camelot.


to measure your success. Classic Engagement Metrics Opens * Total Opens * Total open rate * Unique Opens * Unique Open Rate Clicks * Total Clicks * Total Clickthrough rate * Unique Clicks * Unique Clickthrough Rate *

Click-to-Open Rate Conversion Metrics * Email Conversions * Email Conversion Rate * Email Revenue For detailed definitions, do read the full article!


As a smart email marketer, you already know that list management scrubbing your list on a regular basis to remove hard bounces, unsubscribes and complaints. But good list hygiene goes beyond that to other words, pruning inactive segments. Inactive segments are detrimental to your

bottom line because their relatively low engagement rate affects your sender reputation, which in turn impacts your deliverability, and which then further impacts your overall that has one solution: remember that list quality is much more Basic analytics tell you how many people unsubscribed from an email. were bombarding them with email or if because you sent something that was contextually not relevant. Industry average benchmarks help you example, if you choose to have a sign-up form that

promises 10% off surprising if you have a large amount of people who unsubscribe because all they wanted was the discount to begin with, right?


Email marketing advice helps put actions in perspective. variety of opinions on an all-encompassing strategy for creating a that will help publishers succeed in the digital age. imediaconnection.com
marketers to Olympic decathletes. As a fitting topic for this email marketers need to understand consumer behavior with social media, and how interplay between social and email can be used to create stronger email programs and enhanced social See the full article here mequoda.com


A/B testing

continues to be one of my favourite reading topics. font can influence clickthrough rate. campaign staff businessweek.com
discovered, a personal tone and gawdy design is sometimes the key to ugly design! Aside from design, here is a comprehensive list of elements that continue to affect open rates: * Event triggers * Sender recognition * Subject lines and relevance to content * Urgency * Word count * Forwarded emails * Time of day messagesystems.com
The creation of personas allows for subsequent messages to be tailored normal emails in driving clicks.

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