2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study


hand, I appreciate the work a publisher invests in order to provide senders with a perspective, and to track how metrics develop over time. And senders also appreciate this; it feels good to see that you are doing better than average. On the other hand however, I doubt that they are of any practical use. Let us for example merge the
MailerMailer data set with a similar study from MailChimp mailchimp.com
industries: Thus, you cannot view the chart. The interactive box above basically contains five elements to compare * New benchmark data from MailerMailer * Past benchmark data from MailChimp * Differences between MailerMailer and MailChimp data

points useless to pay attention to public email benchmarks. They just


Across all industries, the average open and clickthrough rate results according to the most recent Sign-up.To Email statistics signupto.com
for UK SME email marketing campaigns were: Across all industries the average results for UK SME email marketing campaigns were: This data shows that open rate has had a slight decrease, While unsubscribe-to-open rates showed a slight decrease. The 2017 report has a relatively small sample of 1.5 billion emails sent by SMBs during 2016. AND UNSUBSCRIBES BY INDUSTRY FOR B2B AND B2C MARKETS. This shows the much lower response in some sectors such as Events, Education and Legal services. There

are also statistics on engagement measured as clicked to open - useful to compare how effective your creative and offers is at to generating clickthroughs. Finally, the full report also has a sector breakdown on unsubscribe rates. Again a large difference here by sector. In the Autumn of 2015, we partnered with Email marketing platform GetResponse to benchmark adoption of email marketing techniques. As part of this project, GetResponse has now published one of the first benchmarks comparing email open and clickthrough rates by industry sector. The chart shows that email marketing is considerably more challenging in some sectors such as retail and e-commerce, marketing services and travel compared

to others such as financial services and consumer sectors. smartinsights.com
You can download the full State of Email marketing 2016 by industry getresponse.com
from the GetResponse site - the 2017 update will be released by April 2017.


looking for statistics to compare subscriber engagement for open, clickthrough and delivery rates, ideally within their sector. Fortunately, there are a number of good options to benchmark email response across different sectors. The best stats sources are compilations by email marketing service providers who produce the 4 top questions asked: * What are the email engagement rates for small to medium businesses? * What are the Email engagement rates for larger businesses? *

What is the breakdown of market share for email clients on mobile and desktop? rate for email? beyond industry averages and drill down to the comparison of email types since transactional emails such as a welcome sequence tend to have much higher interaction and click-through rates than a regular newsletter.


The results for Mailchimp are more typical of smaller and mid-size businesses, rather than large brands. This 2016 email benchmark compilation silverpop.com
from Silverpop who are now owned by IBM so clients tend to represent larger businesses - they are from 750 companies representing 3,000 brands in 40 countries. So breakdowns by EMEA, UK, US and APAC are useful to

compare your performance with. But what is the average email open rate? Here are the open rates with the mean showing the variation from the poorest performing sectors like publishing and tech to consumer brands and non-profits. Rather than click-through rates that are also available in the report, I have picked out Click-to-open which shows engagement with the copy and

creative. As a rule of thumb you should look for 10 to 15% CTOR, so can compare emails against this benchmark. Finally, from this benchmark, I thought it would be useful to share the data on list churn as indicated by hard bounce rates and spam could have a problem with inbox delivery and likely your ESP will get in touch. smartinsights.com


Be sure to share at parties, but know that there are multiple ways of measuring the number of opens and market size of mobile email. You could measure all opens, unique opens or opens during a period of time as the use of mobile email for your target audience or email list. The only discussion and party

safe mobile email stat, compiled out of all stats available is noted below.


The Demand Metric 2013 Sales & Marketing Data Quality Survey was administered online during the period of October 15th through October 31th, 2013. During this period, 227 responses were collected, of which 207 were qualified and complete enough for inclusion in the analysis. Members of the Demand Metric community received email invitations to participate in the

survey, and participation was encouraged through a random draw incentive for one of two Pebble smartwatches. While respondent email addresses were collected in order to facilitate the prize drawing, no identifying information was retained or considered in the analysis of the survey data. Sales & Marketing Alignment Benchmark Report In June 2013, Demand Metric conducted a study to assess sales and marketing alignment and how it impacts revenue performance. Sales Enablement Benchmark Report In August 2013,

Demand Metric conducted a benchmarking study that effectiveness of your own Sales Enablement function. Marketing Strategy Plan Methodology Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 21 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. Marketing Communications Plan Methodology Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 30 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive marketing communications plan. Sales Enablement Plan Methodology Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 35 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive sales enablement plan. Download demandmetric.com

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