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licenses in line with a federal identification law to keep state residents from running into possible domestic flying difficulties within two years. A prohibition against compliance with the federal REAL ID law was enacted by state lawmakers in 2008.

They rejected the added security other states that raised similar privacy complaints. Since then, the federal government has scrapped many of the initial plans that generated worries, like requiring electronic chips on Rep. Karen St. Germain, chair of the House Transportation Committee, trying to broker a compromise that could offer people the option of out. Otherwise, Louisiana residents could need passports to fly domestically by 2016 -- or face intense questioning from airport comply with the federal standards.

"I hope there is some middle ground," said St. Germain, D-Pierre Part.

having to buy a passport for a trip to Dallas." The head of Louisiana State Police, Col. Mike Edmonson, said travel through the end of 2015. federal law passed in 2005, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly pushed back the REAL ID compliance deadline for air travel because of state objections. Edmonson said out of more than three dozen requirements, Louisiana only needs to do two things to move in line with the federal law: scan into a database and store the birth certificates of anyone with a Rep. Brett Geymann, R-Lake Charles and the sponsor of the state law that forbids compliance with REAL ID, said groups across the political spectrum still have concerns about privacy and identity theft. He also worried the federal government will tighten regulations once a state agrees to comply with REAL ID.

taken a similar approach. available for people who do not want a REAL ID," Geymann said.

St. Germain and Geymann have filed bills for lawmakers to consider in the ongoing legislative session.


However, many states oppose the implementation of the REAL ID Act based upon the estimated cost. The Act is a unfunded mandate, meaning that while the requirement is federally issued, the entire cost of recreating and re-issuing millions of licenses and ID cards would fall from the federal government.

States are therefore required to raise putting an extra financial burden upon the licensee, who may simply be attempting to transfer one valid license into the REAL ID format. Once the Act is fully implemented, residents without the new mandated ID will also be barred from boarding airplanes, entering nuclear facilities, and performing any other actions that require need to provide a valid U.S. passport or permanent residency card in place of the new ID. Another major concern is the idea of personal information being gathered and stored into what some are calling a "national database." need to collect and store the information that otherwise would be solely kept by individual states.

Many are worried about the "Big Brother"-esque implications this may have to personal privacy.


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Immigrants and foreign nationals working in the United States are similarly worried about how the REAL ID Act may affect their abilities to live and work within the country.

As the requirements for obtaining a new ID card are much more stringent than what some states may currently employ, foreigners without legal proof of entry into the country or without a Social Security number will be barred from travel throughout country by a huge margin and possibly forcing them to return to their home country to renew their ID. Then again, supporters of the REAL ID Act cite this as an example of the system working properly, as it ensures that the only people working and traveling within the U.S. are those that the government has officially allowed to be here.

What is your opinion of the REAL ID Act? Will these new measures help to curb the threat of terrorism within our borders? Or are the added costs and stricter security measures just one more hindrance of the comments below!


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