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* Welcome * Games * Software * Spreadsheets * Analysis * Concrete * Drainage * Foundations * Masonry * Steel * Timber * Other * * Changelogs * Consulting Services * - * Checkout * Knowledge Corner * Contact me / Activation ------------------------- Based on the well-known and loved game 2048... this takes it to the whole new level. With more than 50 challenging levels to complete see Free and unique game
in EXCEL SPREADSHEET. Easy to play: move left, right, up and down to combine tiles... but

watch out for the special tiles like the immovable and indestructible tile that is always in the way; or the black hole tile that just eats everything you feed it with; and other... Challenge your brain and compare your progress with your friends, use the Share button to take screenshots of the game and post these on social media or send directly to your friends ------------------------- The game has the Adventure mode but it also has the Classic 4x4 mode. at work without being caught. But watch out as your boss might be an This spreadsheet is a great example of what else Excel spreadsheet can be used for. So why not show it to your friends, or

students if you are an IT lecturer - inspire them. ------------------------- If you prefer playing on your mobile or tablet then check the links you can download it from the App store or Google Play store. -------------------------


------------------------- When you open the game select what type of game you want to play, there are two types: * ADVENTURE - challenge yourself to something more than classic 2048; Next, select Player type, there are two types considered: * MAN WITH A MISSION - you are on a mission, the

challenge is great, but the victory is colourfull graphics; * UNDERCOVER AGENT - plain text only to look like a financial report to allow playing at undetected work. Formatting of this sheet is conditional formatting to make it look like your standard report that map. In the game window there are two options how to control the board: * Use the keyboard arrows; * Use the on-screen arrows; -------------------------


Google Play store, and do not enable app sideloading. To its credit, Google has introduced new security measures that help protect users take the risk. Also, be sure to have security software installed and running on your Image via Flickr

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