3 Ways To Check If Gmail Is Hacked By Hackers


September 19, 2012 by Computer Help tips4pc.com
We are very much aware of email hacking these days. Hackers stealing email passwords, getting into mailboxes, zooming in and stealing important information. It is not just the spam email tips4pc.com
watch for. This could be quite risky if you are the victim, because
by doing so, the hackers can find out lots of personal information about you, your family, financial or career related information that you have probably shared with your

near, dear or trusted ones through email, and you have no intention to share it with an unknown person Sometimes it is also the case that your email was not hacked but you feel like it, because you experience some strange behavior of the read! Well, if you want to do a little investigation to find out if someone hacked your email, you can do that now in Gmail or Yahoo mail. You are probably aware by now that we all use a unique IP address when we connect to the internet. These IP addresses are now country specific, meaning if

you live in Australia, your IP address will have a different numbering scheme than someone living in England. Therefore, if someone has hacked your Gmail account sitting in another country, you will be able to find that out easily. If the hacker is doing his job sitting in the same country, still you might be able to trace it with few additional steps stated below.


The best thing about Gmail is that you can log in from anywhere. But there is a big risk when you decide to access your account in a public Wi-Fi hotspot or non-encrypted networks.

If you leave your HTTPS disabled, you will only be making it easier for hackers to find their way into your Gmail account. Always leave the HTTPS option on, in fact, it should be enabled by default. To see if HTTPS is on, log in to your Gmail account, click the Options tab, select General>Browser Connection, then check if the option, proceed to the account.


Gmail comes from Google. And Google has worked a great extent to increase the security of its Accounts. As a result, there is an account activity panel

built right into Gmail that lets you see all the login sessions including date time and locations. This can be used to monitor any unauthorized access to your Gmail account and check if the account is under attack by hackers. Just review the activities once a while to secure Gmail account from hackers.


Gmail gives you the ability to forward your emails to another email address. There are situations where this might be handy, of course, but it can also be used

by hackers to secretly read the messages you receive. If your emails are being forwarded to another address, then you will see something like the following: If your messages are not being forwarded you will see a screen more like this: Hackers want to break into your account not just to see what email have ongoing access to your email, even

if you change your password or check that no-one has sneakily asked for all of your email to be forwarded to them. In a similar vein, you had best ensure that no-one has unexpectedly been authorised to read and send email from your account. Even if you have granted permission for someone else to access your account security.


You have to remain conscious to protect your email

accounts from the latest internet threats. Hackers, phishing scams, insecure internet connections, using untrustworthy computers or software etc. can lead to your accounts getting hacked. Whether you are using YAHOO MAIL, FACEBOOK, this tips applies to any email provider you are using. The tips to secure your email account from different ways used by hackers to hack your email are as follows:



Some hackers compromise email accounts in order to attack your friends or contacts. They use your email address to send spam or phishing emails attempting to trick them into thinking you need help, buy something or into giving up personal information. While it can be difficult to tell if your email account was abused in this way, a quick check of your sent

email or your inbox for dodgy replies will help identify anyone who was targeted from your contacts list. If you do find someone contacted by the hacker, let them know that you


is important to change the password of any other accounts with other services such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or your internet banking that may

have had the same password. It is especially important if you use your email address as the username for those accounts, as the hackers now have both your username and password for those services. Check both your inbox and trash for any password reset emails from other services or accounts linked to your email address not instigated by you. The hacker could have attempted to change your password on other sites, using access to your email to perform password resets.


Once you have successfully recovered your account, it is time to secure it to prevent this from happening again. The best you can do to gtricks.com

to make your account foolproof. Once enabled, you will have to login to your Google account using both your password and a code sent to your phone. This will make it almost impossible for hackers to hack your account as they will need your password and physical access to your phone. gtricks.com
your account from the hackers. Additionally, make sure you apply all the security measure to both your main Gmail account and the recover email account. If recovery email account is hacked, then your main account can be easily hacked as well. I will also recommend

you to scan your PC with a good antivirus program wikipedia.org
ensure there is no malware that may be monitoring your activity or stealing information.


You can follow the above tips to secure your Gmail account and keep the hackers out. You can also go through Security Checkup offered by to ensure your accounts credentials are secure and recoverable. experience, then you should also encrypt confidential emails gtricks.com
Are you confident that your Gmail account is now secure from recover hacked Gmail account

Let us know if you have more security tips to protect your Gmail account in the comments below. Did you find this article useful - Karrar and last updated on July 9, 2017.

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