3d Virtual Reality Vr Google Cardboard Glasses


Unless otherwise noted, the DIY projects below convert a SmartPhone plus two lenses into 3D-VR goggles with a cardboard frame. adjustable but - not provided/specified, - requires 3D printer for Samsung Galaxy S and Note series, + aspheric plastic lenses comprehensive site. ++ detailed description, + templates for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy & Note, ++ range of quality lenses, + hardware,
+ software tools * DIY Oculus Rift: bitcortex.com
w/o SmartPhone based on separate components, connects to PC, +- Much more advanced project, more info roadtovr.com
* Use your Flatscreen Monitor engadget.com


high-resolution display, ideally 5.5", low weight, wide viewing Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note3 with their high quality Full HD screens. *

Add a separating wall between left and right eye to prevent cross-viewing. * Use/design a frame where the SmartPhone is inserted from the top, not from the side, to prevent it from falling out. * The more curved side of the lens should face the display, the * Make distance of lens to display and distance between lenses adjustable. * Make distance between lenses larger/smaller than 6cm for screens smaller/larger than 5.5". * If your eyes have no or only weak astigmatism,you should be able to * For the frame, use thick black sturdy cardboard e.g. empty boxes from your grocery, or 3mm plywood. * Reinforce cardboard edges by putting some

glue on them. * Minimize gaps / infalling light. The ideal goggles are pitch black * In addition to normal goggle elastic band from side to side, use an extra one from top to back.

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