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owners have always been infatuated with running contests on their Facebook pages. Why? Because fans love free crap! And contests tend to draw in new fans & increase engagement on the page.

violate their guidelines. It used to be that contests/promotions could only be run via 3rd party apps. But this rule has changed. Now page owners can run contests right on their Timeline -- ie. in the news feeds of fans & potential fans.

But even with the relaxed rules, there are STILL rules you MUST follow. regularly updated.

] liked over 4000 pages being run since the rule change. company pages -- and not small local pages. In my opinion, contests on Facebook tend to work best with smaller, local pages -- and maybe also with personality type pages, like music bands. In any case, here are 3 examples of Timeline contests that violate the new Facebook Promotion Guidelines.


SELECT A SWEEPSTAKES TOOL: This is the most important step in the planning phase because the right tool streamlines and automates your sweepstakes tasks. There are some KEY FEATURES TO LOOK FOR WHEN SELECTING A VENDOR for your social media sweepstakes. conditions * Multiple sweepstakes entry actions: For example, do they allow you to only collect email addresses or do they also help you conduct surveys? * Automation of winner-selection process * Ability to host sweepstakes on multiple online platforms * Automatic synchronization of email subscribers with email marketing aweber.com
* Branding of sweepstakes widget with your colors and themes * Pricing strategy: For example, do they charge per action or per feature? * Are they compatible with mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android? * What support channels do they offer and what are their hours of support? This is very helpful if the sweepstakes tool becomes dysfunctional during your promotion. REGIONAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM RULES pertaining to sweepstakes. serve as excellent guides on these topics. DETERMINE SWEEPSTAKES DURATION: 21-28 days is the ideal duration for a sweepstakes promotion.

Two weeks is often too short and more than a month is too long. SELECT A PRIZE: It could be your own product or a product that really sweepstakesfanatics.com
focused on providing a home upgrade to attract a targeted male audience.

Dove attracts a targeted male audience by using a home upgrade as their sweepstakes prize. DETERMINE SWEEPSTAKES LOCATION: Where will you host your sweepstakes? Depending on your objectives, does it make sense to host the promotion on your website, Facebook page socialmediaexaminer.com
or some other popular blog? These are not mutually exclusive choices. You can HOST YOUR SWEEPSTAKES ON MULTIPLE ONLINE DESTINATIONS, but having it in one place often leads to an easier and more efficient execution of the promotion. SET PROMOTION BUDGET: How much money do you want to spend to promote your sweepstakes? How does that divide across different marketing channels? For example, do you want to ADVERTISE ON SPECIFIC BLOGS to drive traffic to your sweepstakes or does a Facebook ad socialmediaexaminer.com
campaign make more sense?


In addition to the above, intellectual property issues can sometimes issues that may need to be considered when running a contest include: whether a promoter owns the title for a contest; whether consents have been obtained for 3rd party marks, logos, photographs, etc planned to be used for a promotion; including promoter copyright statements in contest rules; including language in rules granting a promoter the provisions protecting the sponsor where participants may not have rights to materials submitted for a promotion. It is also important to note that some companies, such as Apple, have specific and in some cases quite restrictive policies regarding the use of products for prizing, use of images, marks or logos, etc. anti-spam law, contest promoters may need to consider the application CASL may apply where, for example, entrants are to be invited by e-mail to participate in a contest, for the follow up with entrants by the right of the promoter to engage in subsequent marketing to get some CASL advice prior to using e-mail or other electronic communications in contests and for electronic marketing more generally.


Hosting an online contest is a good method to generate advertising and promote a product or business. However, for the contest to be fair and to control expectations, the rules governing such contest should be clear and comprehensive. The Sponsors of a contest are generally responsible for determining how a qualified entry is defined and other rules of eligibility.

You will need to create a document to specify the Contest Rules. This document outlines the eligibility criteria for participating in the contest, how to enter, and other valuable aspects of the processes. This document should be drafted and/or reviewed by a lawyer. One documents is RocketLawyer.com anrdoezrs.net
[Game-Based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges, and Contests] Game-Based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges, and Contests


Findlaw.com, September 21, 2004 - "Beware: Old Sweepstakes Laws Are Getting Renewed Attention!""Keeping Sweepstakes Legal", January 27, 2005 - Polaris Marketing ResearchAssociation Law & Policy Newsletter, "California Sweepstakes Bill Signed Into Law By Governor Schwarzenegger"Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, May 25, 2001"Unwary marketing executives often fall into the trap of sponsoring a sweepstakes contest that, from a legal standpoint, looks more like a private lottery.

Private lotteries, which are illegal in every state, provide consideration for their entry 1. Genuine games of skill, such as trivia or essay contests, remove the element of chance.

Since sweepstakes necessarily require that something of value be given away illegal lottery is to eliminate the third element, consideration. "Free entry" and "no purchase necessary" have proven practical as means to eliminate consideration 2." - Read more


On Facebook, promotions typically include the following: * Entry or registration * An element of chance * A giveaway or prize Prior to August 2013, brands wanting to hold a contest or run a promotion on Facebook had to rely on a third-party service. In order to make it easier for businesses to create promotions, the social network removed the requirement they may only be administered within apps.

You can now host contests or promotions on Page Timelines and in apps. Promotions on personal Timelines are not permitted. While you can still administer promotions via Page tabs and apps, creating one with a Page is faster and easier. That said, if space and flexibility for content, creating a promotion with an app is a solid strategy. Regardless of the method chosen, Page posts about promotions can be displayed in the News Feed, thus helping you reach a broader audience. can collect entries by: * Having members post on the Page or comment/Like a Page post * Having members message the Page * Encourage people to tag themselves * Require members to Like your Page The social network has prohibited businesses from tagging or encouraging people to tag themselves in content that in exchange for a chance to win a prize as part of a Facebook contest.

themselves in pictures of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize. Like-gating policy will undoubtedly impact the way contests are run the on platform. As of Nov. 5, the social network is making sure that individuals who Like a Page really like that Page. This means that brands can no longer require members to Like their Page in order to enter a contest or receive more points in a game. Facebook detailed facebook.com
These restrictions ensure that people who are taking these actions are doing so because they genuinely want to interact with your Page It more loyal fans.


* You are a Sponsor of a sweepstakes and you want to outline the rules and you want to outline the terms of eligibility. can actually be pretty easy to put together this document. You need to residents, you might end up with a winner from Canada or Honduras and it may be awkward and expensive to untangle that web. Avoid any trouble by making sure your Sweepstakes Rules are a top priority. -------------------------


Historically, giveaways have been limited to those over the age of 18 for both privacy and legal reasons.

In addition to age restrictions, entrants from geographic regions might need to be excluded. If the giveaway will be held on the limit entries to US residents. But within the US there are also several states that have specific requirements. If you are hosting a sweepstakes theartistsjd.com
states require registration and/or bonding: * Florida: registration and bonding if the prizes in total are valued at more than $5,000 * New York: registration and bonding if the prizes in total are valued at more than $5,000 * Rhode Island: registration if the prize is valued at more than $500 And if you are hosting a contest theartistsjd.com
purchase is required for entry then you must register with the state of Arizona. There also are some state-specific rules about winners. If you allow entrants from the following states you must publish the Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

And if you allow entrants from Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Tennessee you must award all the prizes. Finally, to eliminate the claim of favoritism, employees and family members are usually ineligible to win.


right? Awesome! You just need some contest ideas All you need to do is publish a post on your page. Something as simple as: Or perhaps you want people to Like & comment: You can even require contestants to post photos: Make people answer a trivia question to enter your contest, and only those who answer correctly qualify to win: Keep your status update short & add the first comment -- include when FYI: Text updates that are too long, are often unsightly & may turn people off. Go the extra mile by creating a custom image for your contest. This is much Reach as photos.

I made this image in about 1 minute using Canva To start the contest, I simply post this graphic to the page with the rules & entry deadline. And at 5pm, I select a winner.


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