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Loving Heavy? Follow us on Facebook! stuck around for good. However, now that market support is growing with enormous backers like HTC, Samsung, Valve, and Sony, consumers can expect to see virtual reality become a permanent staple in the lives of the tech-savvy. Currently you can access big name VR
headsets in the form of various developer kits, but the lack of content and incomplete feature set for these platforms means that these developer companies. As of right now, the easiest access you have to VR technology is through a smart phone. Using the powerful hardware of the newest smartphones, you

can begin immersing yourself in VR much sooner than expected, and with a level of investment varying from full developer kits to simple DIY kits based on the Google Cardboard google.com
Now that Google has released its Cardboard SDK for both Android and iOS, app developers on both platforms can now program apps that respond to head

tracking, 3D calibration, and user input event handling through headsets that require as little as a cardboard frame. This means that content for these simple headsets will be coming out faster than that for full-on headsets, and that the time to get mobile-based VR headsets below. -------------------------


[virtual reality, vr, google cardboard, i am cardboard, google I AM CARDBOARD proves to be ahead of the curve once again with their speedy release of their I AM CARDBOARD v2.0 kit only shortly after Google updated their own cardboard kit. The main improvement between Other improvements are also present in the 2.0 kit, including a conductive foam button that replaces the magnet switch of version 1, and

works with any phone. It is also easier to assemble, now just a three-step process. More info on the differences between the new and old cardboard models can be found in the video below. All I AM CARDBOARD kits comes with an NFC tag, which is used to trigger the launch of the Google Cardboard App automatically when the phone is placed on it. And while it lacks the full touch interface of full-size HMDs, this cardboard headset can do a surprising amount, from simulated spaces to games that

track your head motion. If you have a phone with a larger than a 5.5 inch screen, this is your best option, but those with smaller phones will also appreciate the updated touch controls and easy assembly. This unit comes in colored options too, but we chose the original cardboard variety because it just felt right. Price: $24.99 -------------------------


Google wants to make virtual reality as accessible as possible, so enter Cardboard,

a literal piece of cardboard that folds into a very portable VR headset. You can strap it to your head, you can hold it to about is giving you a quick, cheap and easy way to dip your toe in the VR waters. share with people too, since they can just press it up against their with most smartphones, including iPhones, making it a good choice for anyone who is looking to experience VR without too much of a cost. a look at the best Google Cardboard VR apps and games wareable.com


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[htc vive, virtual reality, vr headset, virtual reality headset, Amazon quality VR experience that is a standout option for gaming. Unlike the Rift, the Vive boasts some serious gaming capabilities right out of the box, thanks to its included motion controllers. their own IR LED trackers, alongside a developed control scheme. This includes triggers for gaming, two track pads that act like a fusion of a mouse and

control stick, and even a grip that can detect squeezes. These are all easily learned across the hundreds of different titles already on the SteamVR library. So far, SteamVR proves to be a robust client that is already seeing major third party support. No huge games have been released yet, but many have been teased at by developers Valve. In addition to the awesome controllers, this unit also ships with two tracking cameras to support Roomscale VR. If you have adequate open space to explore after positioning your two laser trackers, your PC, and cables going to each of these, you can the Vive can map your environment and use

it to project new locales, potentially using your furniture as obstacles. This has great potential to eventually be used as a coop feature as well. tracking makes for maximum immersion. While this first-gen product does include a microphone, you must use provide your own headphones for spatialized audio to the experience. computer graphics requirements, the Vive can be a stretch for your casual gamers, but the potential for this device is huge and already being thoroughly explored. Keep this headset on your radar.


Zeiss Precision lenscrafters Zeiss have now entered the VR arena as well, offering an alternative mobile-based HMD to compete with lighter than that of the Gear VR, its low price tag

may give it just enough traction to become the definitive entry point into virtual reality. In an excellent move, Zeiss has made mobile VR accessible to those with any smartphone powerful enough to run the software. They do so by using a tray system to fit different phones into the headset. You can buy one included with either an iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, or Galaxy S6 phone tray, or you can 3D print your own for any other type of smartphone with a screen size between 4.7 and 5.2 inches. Picture resolution is completely dependent on which phone you use with quality, and do not give any blurry, headache-inducing visuals. Several ventilation openings prevent the lens from fogging, ensuring you have the best

picture available. The headset is sleek and reasonably sized, but you will most likely need the overhead strap to get a good fit. Aside from the two touch-sensitive side surfaces, there are no buttons on the device. This works well enough, but can be confusing for those who are new to


[oculus rift, oculus, vr headset, oculus vr, oculus rift price, oculus rift release date, oculus rift review, best

vr headset, oculus rift Amazon Oculus and their influential Rift headset have been synonymous with conception in 2012. They are one of the biggest names in VR, and now one of the first to be delivered to consumers. The Rift ships with a headset, motion sensor, remote, and the necessary HDMI and USB cables. First Gen kits also include a wireless out-of-the-box gaming. The controller is upgradable to the Oculus offer additional gaming potential. The experience of the Rift

goes beyond words, as the motion sensor provides a fluidity of movement that truly rivals reality. The headset weighs just over a pound, and fits snugly on most head sizes. The headset has full positional tracking and a gyrometer, which allows you to perform nuanced actions like looking around a corner. Visually speaking, the Rift sets the benchmark with its specs. This with a microphone and integrated headphones that provide spatialized HRTF audio. The Oculus Home software aims to become your figurative VR home, recreating a

cozy apartment that serves as a menu for navigating recently opened up their library of games to 3rd party headset owners, which is a trend they hopefully stick with, as their game library has already seen significant growth. flaw is its fairly high price tag of $600. The Rift also has some serious system requirements, including a graphics card equivalent to a Nvidia GTX 970 or an AMD R9 290, but this is easy enough for a serious gamer to meet.



Rather than go for a straight VR platform, Microsoft is investing heavily in a platform it refers to as mixed reality wareable.com
parties to make it happen, like Acer, Lenovo and HP. But Microsoft is still trying to create a more affordable version of high-end VR, utilising technology that requires less grunt work from your PC. Each of the headsets comes with a pair of depth-sensing cameras, so that the headset can sense the room and keep track of HANDS ON: Acer Mixed Reality HMD review wareable.com
so really, we were just stuck with the VR side of Windows Mixed Reality. But we found it to be

a good VR experience nonetheless. The headsets are due to go on sale in the second half of 2017 for between $300 and $400. And they should work with more modestly-specced headsets will be available for the public to purchase by late 2017.


One of the bigger announcements out of Google I/O 2017 was that the No, instead Google announced a whole new segment of the Daydream platform: standalone headsets wareable.com
fully wireless and smartphone-free. No need to plug it into anything, READ THIS: The standalone VR headsets are coming... wareable.com
Two of the companies working on the headsets are Lenovo and HTC. Yes, HTC is working on a

standalone, affordable headset for the Daydream platform, which can only be good news. That and Lenovo, which seems to make it a habit to join in on new VR tech from the jump, has us more excited than ever for the future of the Daydream platform.

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