4th Of July Email Templates Free


It is a creative and easy way to design 4th July card with your hand and footprints. It will be an interesting idea and for this purpose you have to buy white card stock according to the size of hands. It can be unhealthy for
some kids to work directly with paint so do not worry as you can simply trace the outline of their hands on the construction paper and cut it into many copies according to the requirements of cards. Use paint to create square on the placement of stars on the flag. Let the background to dry and then use washable paint to

dip the hands of kids to apply prints in the blue area of the flag. You can use foot of your child to create stripes on the flags and for this purpose paint the bottom of foot and let him/her walk on the paper. This will be a unique and creative card for the celebrations of 4th July.


The day is famous for firework and you can use this idea to create your own cards such as cut the card stock in the shape of your t-shirt, place it on table and use paint to make

firework design in the front panel of the shirt. Jagged lines should be used instead of solid lines to give impression of exploding firework just like sky. Let the card to dry overnight before sending it to your friends and family members with your best wishes.


If you are throwing a party for the celebration of 4th July then it will be easy to design an invitation card with complete contents to invite your guests. Invitation card should contain theme of your party, date and time of your party, venue of your party, dress code, details of refreshments, contact details, RSVP and any special instructions for your guests. Send these cards at least

fifteen days ago to get the feedback of your guests about your party. formatexample.org

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