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What DEVELOPMENT work you do?

I chose to put this question first because people get really hung up on this one. Yes or no is not what's important as long as you will be in contact with the actual developer eventually.

What is your project development lifecycle period?

The graphic components of most web sites should not require more than two weeks once the content is supplied. It is often the client that is slow in providing content and making decisions resulting in delayed launches. If you know what you want and have the content prepared, the developer can work much faster for you.

Are graphic designs supplied in Original?

If you don't acquire your original graphics files, you will not be in control of your site. If your developer gets hit by a bus (or goes out of business), make sure you have the original files so that you can provide them to another developer down the road. Ask for any files produced with PhotoShop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, or any other graphics program.

Do you use pre-made templates?

Many people are against using pre-made templates. Others don't understand why you'd use anything else. A template can be purchased for usually under $50 and then customized for another $200 or $300. Also, I believe that a custom site will pay for itself faster than a template site. This is because a custom site is really the only way to truly and accurately feature the uniqueness of the company or service you're trying to provide.

Are your designs tested for multi-browser and cross-platform compatibility?

A developer should at least create their web sites so that the content and layout looks relatively the same on both Internet Explorer 6.X and Firefox. Your site should also be at least legible on MAC computers as well as PC's. Simply ask your developer if and how tests will be made to assure this consistency.

Is this your full-time job?

Many would debate me on this issue; but I believe you're either an Internet professional or you're just a wanna-be. I've found that part-timers in this business have other commitments that demand their time--at the worst possible times! Always work with full-time Internet professionals because they will be accessible when you need them.

What do I need to supply you to get started?

Some developers will respond to this question in this way: "Just send any pictures you want and a logo if you have one and they'll "take it from there." That approach is scary to me! The appropriate response should be something like this: "I have an extensive questionnaire to go over with you which will help us to create a powerful Internet presentation strategy that will optimize your return on investment."

Do you have sales or marketing experience?

Think of your developer as one of your sales people. Would you hire a salesperson that doesn't know how to create a need? Would you pay a marketing director that doesn't have a proven track record? The best developers are creative people who are able to sell things with their developer concepts. Make sure you hire a sales and marketing expert to be your developer.

Can DEVELOPMENT changes be added later?

A web site should never be considered "done." They're always evolving. If you're open to comments from friends and colleagues, you will routinely want to test, edit and change your website content. Make sure to hire a developer that knows this simple element for success.

Do you offer only web site DEVELOPMENT?


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