The ITIL Certification Training has become a standard in IT Service Management. ITIL is a globally recognized framework that represents the procedures, tasks, and checklists that are in general applicable to all IT industry. However, ITIL certification primarily covers IT sector but it has spanned itself into healthcare and higher education.

The eligibility criteria for taking ITIL Certification Training is:

This course can be taken up by the professionals who aspire to learn the fundamentals of ITIL frameworks and implement those to amplify the quality of IT service management. Professionals who hail from following designation can take up ITIL course:

  • IT Architects, Planners and Consultants.

  • Database Administrators.

  • Operations Managers

  • System Administrators and Analysts

  • IT Managers/Support teams

  • Service Delivery Professionals

  • Quality Analysts

  • Application Management team/ Development team.

With ITIL Certification training program, a professional can take a good salary hike and the professionals who want to switch into IT industry can also take up this course.


The following gives a glance of benefits of ITIL Certification:

Since the ITIL framework gives a business- view of the functioning of IT department . As more and more organizations adopt ITIL framework, there is huge demand of ITIL Certified professionals.


The ITIL framework:

  • Manages business risk for the services of an organization

  • Minimizes Service Disruption

  • Quantifies and clearly demonstrates the true value of the service that an organization provides.

  • Standardised Services and Maximum Return on Investment.

    1. the Marketing and Consumption of the Services of the organization.
  • Supports business transformation/change keeping the pace with the demand of the customer. Thus, helps in building and maintaining positive relationship with customers.

  • ITIL helps in forecasts and fast response to demand for services of an organization and positively influences the demand for the services of an organization within the effective costs.

  • Implementation of ITIL allows IT department to have greater visibility of IT costs and assets which is further helpful in asset utilization and reduction of hidden costs

which ultimately result in hike of Total Cost of Ownership.


With so much advantages from organizational view and view of the professionals who take up ITIL course, the ITIL Certification Training provides a leverage to the growth of the organizations and individuals as well.

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