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Last few day's i was learning in depth on Facebook advertising for one on my website promotion and i discovered how important it is for social media marketing. So i decided that i will try to explain what I discover under the new tag: Facebook Advertising banner size for Authors.The first question that stumped me was What size is appropriate for my Facebook ad image ? After searching a few forums and internet sources i found that I'm not alone, confusion on Facebook advertising banner size appear often on the forums.  The opinion on those writer's forums is varied, so whom should we follow?

Here is the definitive answer to facebook ad banner sizes from my in-depth research:


facebook advertising banner size


There are 9 types of facebook ad banners most commonly use :

1. Clicks to Website : 1200 x 628 pixels
2. Website Conversions : 1200 x 628 pixels
3.  Page Post Engagement : 1200 x 900 pixels
4.  Page Likes : 1200 x 444 pixels
5.  App Installs : 1200 x 628 pixels
6.  App Engagement : 1200 x 628 pixels
7.  Local Awareness : 1200 x 628 pixels
8.  Event Responses : 1200 x 444 pixels
9.  Offer Claims : 1200 x 628 pixels

If you don't create your facebook banner with these exact dimensions the when you will try to upload it, Facebook will hold you and ask you to adjust your banner. Then you might end up cropping an important part of the banner.


Some very important tips on Facebook advertising banner size



Do not put any contact information on the banner:

Facebook does not allow to place your contact information such as email, mobile number, address and so on into you advertising banner. These should be mentioned in the about section of your page.

You are allowed to WRITE YOUR PAGE'S NAME:

You may not be allowed to add marketing information when you are creating your Facebook banner, but you certainly can add your name or the name of your business. The first thing anyone sees on your banner is your name or your brand name, so writing it distinctly will help you make an instant good impression.

Choosing the right photos:

Don't try to choose a generic image that could fit for any activity, try to fit it with your page's theme. So many companies pick generic lifestyle photos as their banner, it becomes unlikely to make people remember your page. So if you run a coffee shop then ask yourself if your Facebook banner fits with a page of a gardening business. If the answer's yes, you should consider redesigning your banner.

Use your other skills:

You can add many optional skills you have when creating your facebook advertising banner. Such as If you're a great photographer or graphics designer with skills on illustrator or photoshop, showcase your masterpiece. Don't hesitate to spend a bit time on your design - it's worth it in the long run. Facebook banners are a great way to develop your designing skills. So make it useful!


There are so many tools to design your facebook advertising banner on a short budget. But the one i use and i consider for my favorite tool for Facebook Ad design is Canva. It allows you to start with the custom dimensions of the ad and then you can add text, frames, backgrounds, and other cool stuff to make your ad popup. As i said there are many options to choose from Canva is not at all the only tool that you can work with.

Picmonkey is also amongst one of the tools you can work with or even PowerPoint to create a great banner and size them according to what i have talked about. Once you have your design, upload it to the Text Overlay tool and make sure text on your banner ad doesn't go over 20% maximum recommendation.
Make any necessary adjustments and re-test and you are good to go.

Now you have set up an ad that will really make an impact on your viewers and the best part is you know it will be approved by facebook as you have tested it yourself.

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