All you need to know about  FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO SIZE


As you know cover photo of your social media sites are the first thing anyone sees when they visit your social media profiles. Now as facebook is the most popular social media out there.
Today we are gonna talk about how we can manage or create our cover photo for facebook.



Banner-sized large cover photos allow's companie and small businesses to promote their online presents or reflect their established branding. When it is just a cover photo for your
personal facebook page we often dont care much about perfaction But when it comes to cover photo for brands and organizations, there is much more than just finding a beautiful image and saving
it as cover photo. It may work using repurposing images without customizing  in some rare cases, but you may run into the risk of ending up with cover photo that is stretch beyond the image boundaries.
You should always take the time to resize or customize your art.

Also use the recommended image size for your cover photo, whether you are using facebook or any other social platform it is best to use recommended image size. Proper sizing ensures the best quality of
your cover photo and with an overlapping profile picture. Try to be 100% poositive that your image doesn't look cutoff ot distorted like we often see with unprofissional pages. Even it can be a big
issue with big companys like Mercedes-Benz. The time When Google+ changed there header dimensions, tagline in this Mercedes-Benz header was cut off. Even an stunning image can be poorly affected by a
platform's image constraints. In response, Mercedes-Benz newly designed there cover image specifically for the newer dimensions.

Right now recommended size for you're Facebook cover photo id 851 x 315 pixels. The minimum dimensions you some what use are 339 x 150

With  Google+ cover photo recommanded is 1080 x 608 pixels, but it can be up to 2120 x 1192 pixels and the minimum image you can use is 480 x 270 pixels.
LinkedIn recommended size of 1400 x 425pixels.
while Twitter, they have only 1 recommended size: 1500 x 500 pixels.



Cover photos takes up a lot of space on your profile. Thats why, it needs to workout with the rest of your branding and color scheme of your social platform.Incase the colors in your cover photo don't match
the color of your website or logo, a disjointed look can appear on you page. Visitors may think you don'tcare about your social media presence, which mean unprofessional aproche to your audiance.

When images and colors match, your profile looks professional. Cheezburger is a great example of a cover photo done right. Theydid a great job of creating a fun, cohesive image that matches both
their modern, comedic style and plays on the name of their website.The blue background of the cover photo matches the blue in their logo and the background of their profile photo. This page looks like the
company put thought into the design and takes their profile seriously.

Its not a must to 100% match your cover photo and profile picture, but i think the images should be complementary color palette. Your company's branding should be consistent across all media.
Even though the blue spiral logo in the example above is cut offand the dark background doesn't match either the orange of the ClickHole logo or website, this cover image works because of careful
color choice.


Changing your cover photo takes very little effort usually just a few clicks. Because it's that easy, it makes sense. If you can change your cover photos often users will know you are serious with you social
preseance and might also visit just to see what your new cover photo looks like.

Some Tips related to facebook profile picture and cover photo

A tip for those who try to incorporate the profile picture into there cover photo. it is very difficult to
incorporate a profile picture into the cover photo of yours. As i mentioned above, the dimensions of a Facebook cover photo is 851PX By 315PX ( 851 pixels in width and 315 pixels in height).
But, the profile picture has to be uploaded at least as a 180X180PX image but it will then be shrunk to 160x160px.

It would look like you have used a 851x315px canvas and tried to crop out the profile picture. The resulting photo will be 160x160px but Facebook will not allow you to upload it as it has to be 180x180px minimim which is a pain.
But the solution for this is use your cover photo twice as wide than recommended by Facebook like 1702PX IN WIDTH, which will leav the cropped out profile picture as a 320X320PX IMAGE. You can upload that one with to issue.

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