Asus laptops can easily be boot with the steps that are mentioned below. Booting of laptops is really important as it solves many technical issues and also makes the laptops work in more appropriate and efficient way.

So, to boot Asus laptops, the user need to follow the below mentioned steps :

  1. To boot the asus laptop, first of all the user need to connect a USB cable to their laptops.

  2. Then the user is supposed to turn on their laptops to proceed with the further steps.

  3. The user then need to press on the ESC key almost 7 to 10 times so that the Boot menu gets opened.

  4. By doing this the user will get the boot menu and further the user need to select on enter setup option.

  5. When the BIOS setup has been entered by the user they need to select on the advanced tab option.

  6. Also the USB configuration option that is there in the advanced tab should also be selected by the user.

  7. Then, the user should go to the XHCI Pre boot menu and should disable this option.

  8. Also the secure boot control option should be disabled by the user.

  9. Go to the launch CSM option and enable it.

  10. Again the user need to select on the ESC key several times so as to get the BIOS setup option.

  11. Now the user need to go to the boot tab option and should enable the CSM option.

  12. The ESC key should again be selected to get the boot menu of the laptop.

Therefore, by the use of these steps the user will easily boot their Asus laptops. These steps are quite simple to follow but the user should follow it correctly so that the boot process ic completed in the correct way. On the other hand, the Asus tech support number can be contacted by the user so that they can talk with the technicians regarding issues related to this topic. Users can get the best laptop technical help at asus laptop technical support number via best technicians at just one phone call.

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