Master of Business Administration also known as M.B.A is a degree which covers the scientific approach of the management. It is a study which is now given worldwide so that people comes to know about the business and its administrations. It is generally a 2-year course that can be done after completion of graduation. The various areas of business that is covered in this course are marketing, applied statistics, business communication, business ethics and many other subjects that tell the students all about the business administration.

Forgetting the admission in MBA, entrance exams are conducted that is Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT. apart from this many other stages needs to be cleared to get an MBA admission clear. It may include undergraduate grade point average, academic transcripts, entrance exam score, resume containing work experience any many other options.


Different types of MBA

MBA degree is not contained in one specific field. MBA has now expanded its branches to almost every field in India and abroad. One can get the masters’ degree in any of the field that he/she is interested. You can get through the below list to know about different fields in MBA.


  1. MBA in Finance

It is the most famous and highly opted management degree. This prepares the students for international finance, costing, capital management and etc. after studying in this field you can get specialization in Finance Management.


2) MBA in Marketing

MBA in marketing helps the students to know and specialize in consumer behaviour.


3) MBA in Human Resource.


Benefits of MBA:

  1. Increased Self Confidence: it is well-known fact that mastering on specific subjects will definitely boost your confidence.

  2. Curiosity: During the studies, the interesting assignments and project work make the students curious.

  3. Better Communication: The classroom presentations boost the communication skills and the students can master that on their work front in future.


  1. better time management skills and etc helps the students while studying MBA. After completing graduation, one can give an entrance exam and apply for MBA admissions 2019 .


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