The HP Envy 4520 Printer manual has to be checked which provides list of quality photo prints, tips of ink toner conservation.  In case if you are looking for an ideal printer for your home use then go ahead since it has all the features for quality prints and efficient scanning.

Features of Envy 4520

  • Auto duplex printing
  • HP Instant Ink Ready Cartridges
  • High Print speed.
  • Wireless printing with efficient scanning.


Please read the HP Envy 4520 Printer manual from after buying it. The manual gives adequate information on using your printer to its maximum efficiency.

  • Start by clicking the On button to make the device active or inactive (sleep mode).
  • With back button you can navigate to previous screen.
  • The help button will guide in troubleshooting issues.
  • You will see the home button first when you turn on the computer.
  • You can view and scroll the menu options with the control panel.
  • The health of wireless connection and display status can be viewed with Wireless light.
  • The solid blue light indicates that wireless connection is authenticated successfully.
  • When the light blinks slow it means that the device is yet to be connected to network securely.
  • When the light blinks fast it indicates that there is error in the wireless connectivity.
  • For copying and changing copy settings you can use the copy button.
  • To get sufficient access you can make use of HP Printable.
  • In order to print calendars, checklists and games HP Quick forms can be used.
  • With the setup icon you can modify the preferences and settings of the printer functions.
  • ePrint icon allows you to access the information regarding Web services, updates about ePrint status details and ePrint settings.


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