Finding the fasted web hosting is a bit difficult task nowadays as every web host claims to offer high speed hosting and reliable solutions, but mostly they don’t. In fact, many companies failed to deliver the uptime guarantee as mentioned on their marketing tactics. But, in this post, we will share some fast hosting services with 99.99% uptime.

Slow loading website can severely impact your online business and user experience, so your site should load within 2~3 seconds otherwise any extra second may decrease conversion rate, readership, or hurt SEO ranking. In Google algorithm, speed is one of the 200 ranking factors so you must take it seriously.

It means, if two blogs having the same content and authority then the fastest one will rank higher than slower. So, we recommend instead saving few bucks on a cheap and unstable host, spend a little bit more and pick a highly reliable hosting service. There are few cheap services that offer incredible server performance and uptime guarantee. We’ve tested many companies in the past few years and here are top ones. Follow this article to learn more about fastest web hosting services.

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