AOL Gold software is developed in such a way that the users must access everything in one place. They can browse the internet, play games, chat or send and receive emails. It is the perfect combination of speed and latest technology. Even the best part is that the download and installation process very convenient. It just gets completed in a few clicks. Unlike the earlier version, users are now free from the hassles of updating the software because it automatically gets updated when there is a new version released.

Before you proceed with the steps of downloading, you must first check the minimum system requirements for the software. The program requires 512 MB of free space on the hard drive and run on Windows and Mac. Other necessities include 1 GB RAM, internet connection and a web browser. The computer process must be faster too.

Download Desktop Gold –

These steps for the downloading of software are for those who already are Advantage Plan members as it is free for them.

  • Sign in to your My Benefits page
  • All products > locate AOL Desktop Gold
  • Click on AOL Gold Download link
  • Follow the steps for installation given under next heading

Installing Desktop Gold –

  • Click on the file explorer icon on your desktop
  • Go to the downloads folder
  • Double click on install AOL Desktop icon
  • Click run followed by install now
  • Then do the AOL Gold login

Although this software causes fewer troubles for the users if you no longer wish to use it or there are some other problems involved or it is creating a hindrance in other software installation then you can easily delete or uninstall it. But it must be kept in mind that no residual files should remain on the device. The given procedure is for Windows 10 users.

  • Select the start button > settings > applications
  • Choose the program (AOL Desktop Gold) you want to remove and then click on uninstall

In a similar way, Windows 7 and other users can uninstall the program from their device without any complications. This is the best desktop software one can ever use.

Source : Download, Install And Uninstall Aol Gold

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