Roku is a Streaming Player or Digital Media Player Set-top box. Your Roku device gets the data through via internet. And Every Roku device has individual Roku account, that Roku Account is used to activate your Roku Device or TV. This post will guide you through the steps to enter you Roku link code in your Roku device.

Activate Your Roku Account:

During the Activation process, you will go to this site  After that, your Roku activation box appears. You can enter your code, once your Roku Account is activated. It will display full detail of your device like owner details, Channel details etc…

What to do if you get an error code from Roku?

If you get an error while entering the link code, reenter the code second time. Because there will be some typing error or some other problems like network or system error. Follow the given steps.

  • Go back to your Roku Device > Press * on your Roku remote > Get a new code.     
  • You will get new link code > Go to > Enter the new link code.

Entered The Code, But My Roku Device is Stuck:

Sometimes Network will be slow, so please wait for few minutes.

Supposes if you see “ERROR 001” your device is not connected to a network. Select the Try Again option, if it does work call this Toll-Free number +1-855-739-5780.

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