Netflix - a brief overview

Netflix is an online streaming content production company which offers its content streaming network app on multiple platforms and content streamers like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple Tv, Android and IOS and the Web interface as well. It offers a wide range of content to the subscribers based on the content tailored to the viewers' choices and has a recommendation engine which suggests content based on the viewer’s latest view history.

Netflix has various subscription plans which suits the needs of every person. Netflix originally started as a DVD rental company and moved on to producing original content and has become one of the world’s largest content production companies with content satisfying people of all ages.

The subscription plans for Netflix are as follows:

A basic plan which streams content on SD quality on only one device at a time is priced at $8 per month. There are two more plans which Netflix offers, A standard plan with the price of $11 per month where streaming can be done on two devices at the same time.

If the user subscribes to the standard plan then they can access content at HD 1080P quality. The third plan is a premium plan that costs $14 a month. If the user chooses the premium offering of Netflix then the user can enjoy content at HD/ Ultra HD 4K resolution with HD sound quality as well. The premium plan subscribers can stream to up to four screens or four devices simultaneously.

Netflix and Roku TV Integration

Netflix is available on the Roku TV device. Experience rich better than life content on your Roku tv with Netflix channel ready for consumption. Netflix on Roku TV enhances the user’s experience as the ROKU has the cutting edge technology to stream 4k content. It also enhances the experience of sound by amplifying the sound quality multiple times. It, in turn, gives a rich experience to the person who is watching the content.

Binge watch your favorite shows like 13 reasons why and Cloak and Dagger on the Netflix app available on your Roku device. Since the Roku device is ultra portable you can take it with you wherever you go and experience the rich content everywhere.

Activating the Netflix channel is very simple on the ROKU device. The Roku Device offers features like voice search, and personalized content feeds tailored to the user’s preferences. It also has better navigation options allowing the user to experience content like never before.

How to Install the Netflix Channel on Roku TV

Netflix is available for subscription as a channel on ROKU TV. To activate Netflix on the Roku device simply navigate to the ROKU Channel store. Select Netflix and you are good to go. To use the Netflix Channel simply navigate to the Netflix channel icon on the screen and select it. Enjoy the rich HD content offered by the Roku and live the moment. Sit back and enjoy watching your favorite live-action shows on your Roku device and Netflix app.

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