123 HP Printer AirPrint Setup

HP has now launched the 123 HP Printer AirPrint Setup amongst the newest models that can be used to print photos, documents, emails, WebPages using devices like Apple iPhone, Ipad, iPod touch. AirPrint. This is also an inherent printing technology for the newest iOS devices.

Setting up the AirPrint service is fairly easy. All you require to do is to follow the steps below

  • The first step is to switch on your printer and make sure that the wireless feature is turned on.
    • Choose the wireless Icon. A blue light will be noticeable, once you click on it. Most of the newest Models of HP printers have wireless Icon.
  • For the users who rather Apple iOS device, go to the Wi-Fi settings obtainable and ensure that the HP printer is linked to the same network.
  • Public wireless networks like mobile hotspots, Bluetooth, cellular data connections (3G or 4G) are not supported by 123 HP Printer AirPrint Setup (123.hp.com/setup)
  • To use AirPrint:
    • You can unlock the document, photo or email to be printed.
    • clack on Print or the Print Icon
    • The settings often depend upon the kind of the file which you are printing
  • The Printer Options menu will be noticeable and you can tap on the choose Printer Once you select the option, a list of Printers will be visible.
  • Choice the name of the printer from the list that appears. just Right-click on the name and more options will be visible.
  • 123 HP Printer AirPrint Setup is complete and you can start printing your documents, photos, and emails.

Note: An active internet association becomes the necessary requirement. Always ensure that the network to which you have connected the Printer and the mobile device is precisely the same.

Start printing and have a wonderful printing knowledge using the newest AirPrint technology.

  • Select your document > click on the Print Icon > start printing > collect your pages
  • With the influx of mobile printing technologies like AirPrint, printing technology has become much easier.

Requirements for 123 HP Printer AirPrint Setup

  • 11 wireless network
  • An Ipad, iPhone or I Pod which has the software version of ios 4.2 or higher

Follow the above guidelines successfully for 123 HP Printer AirPrint Setup. If you have any trouble in understanding the above guidelines, dial our toll-free number at + 1-800-556-349 or chat with our assistant www.123-hpcomsetupus.com for obtain further help and support.

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