* Posted on March 3, 2012
Twitter is now the third most popular social network, behind Facebook
MySpace. Twitter has over 100 million active users and about 50 million of them log in every day. In Several opinion Twitter is not a much of social network
and it is rather a place for marketers. Twitter Analytics Tools are the one of the best way for measuring

your online presence on twitter. Twitter Analytics Tools help website owners understand how much traffic they receive from Twitter and the effectiveness of Twitter integration on their sites. which can help you track your social media presence! we recommend you check these tools if you want to analyze and visualize your activity on Twitter. If you are interesting in our older articles on

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------------------------- Of course, Twitter has its own analytics platform. There you can find valuable insights about your audience that you can use to improve your strategy as you go. you understand exactly WHO your followers are; their demographics, interests,

location, lifestyle, and even buying preferences. That information can help you design a more relevant strategy that, ultimately, increases your revenue. REMEMBER: When it comes to marketing, those who better understand their audience are the ones who always win, and Twitter Analytics is one of the best tools to understand your audience on Twitter.


People define social media success in a number of ways. But on Twitter, success is usually measured by followers, retweets, and favorites. And

if you understand what it is that your followers like, For example, if you find that your tweets about smartphone photography are getting a lot of retweets How to Write Tweets That Your Followers Will Want To Retweet How to Write Tweets That Your Followers Will Want To Retweet If you do it right, you could go viral on Twitter. Twitter is one of the fastest ways

you could go viral today. The key? Write compelling tweets that others will want to share. Read More , you could tweet about that more. Or you might see that more people interact with your tweets in the morning. You could tweet more during those times and see more engagement. they might be interested in. If you have a lot of followers from a specific country, for example, you could tailor your tweets to them. And there are a lot of great free

tools that can help you figure it out.


If you want to get the more detailed and qualitative analysis, save your time, and find a powerful Twitter tracker, it is better to use you to do this quickly and efficiently. Moreover, analytics tools can analyze your other social networks in one place. Therefore, you do not need to spend too much time to analyze each media. Just a few clicks and you will get the full picture! Here we describe the most interesting metrics that you can use to analyze your Twitter account:


------------------------- SocialBro is one of the most completes Twitter Analytics tools. It provides you with amazing features like community

insights, account comparison, real-time analytics, and more. In simpler words, SocialBro is an all-in-one solution. If you have less than 5,000 followers, SocialBro allows you to create a free account. Even though the paid plan offers a more thorough dashboard, the free plan still pretty useful.


The Trendspottr app for Hootsuite allows you to search for topics by content, hashtags, and sources. It allows you to engage with, and share, trending stories with your Twitter network.

The Trendspottr app is free with a Hootsuite account. Nexalogy helps you identify key conversations happening on Twitter by analyzing the people you follow, hashtags, and search terms. It displays concepts people are talking about, the most shared links, and key influencers. The Nexalogy app is free with a Hootsuite account.


Real-time Analytics gives you details of the people who are active users and have tweeted in the last 10 minutes in real time. This helps you DETERMINE THE SPECIFIC HOUR OF THE DAY WHEN PEOPLE ARE ACTIVE. tailored specifically for you and your Twitter community. SocialBros Real-time Analytics allows you to find the number of active users at a particular time.


------------------------- First,

you can visualize your overall performance in a beautifully designed chart. Second, Twitalyzer tells you what your style is in terms of behavior audience is perceiving your brand. strategy. industry.
------------------------- Klear is a competitive auditing tool that helps you find valuable insights about your competitors and relevant companies in your industry. More specifically, you can put different brands against each other and compare their entire strategy. I mean,

you can see the kind of content they share, the demographics of their audience, interests, and much more. You can even see the people who follow a specific brand and connect with them. This is one of the best analytics tools in terms of social media and influencer marketing. followers based on different criteria. This is a great way to find and target users who can become brand evangelists in the future. with influence and who tend to engage with brands. Repeat the process with at least 5 of your competitors.


followers, drive traffic on Twitter Content and Key Influencers saying about your

brand media data into one dashboard PCMag created review of many of the paid social media analytics tools. You should
Analytics Tools Reviewed] I know there are more social media analytics tools out there. What do you use or recommend? We would love to hear your thoughts. Smart Social Media Automation The easiest way to automatically share great content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

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