A Great Map Of Panem


Not long ago, I encountered a map of Panem livejournal.com
created based on reading of the Hunger Games trilogy. My first time Panem actually looked like.

You can compare what appears below with what inspired the attempt. If you scroll down on the link above, There are a few things on that list that seemed a bit off track. I Reason. I quickly switched to Beethoven to avoid the obviously cosmic historical point of view. All page notations are Kindle, Android version.


systems functioning today are gone.

In fact, they seem lost to living memory.

Further, all memory of the great American cities seems to have faded. In Panem, is there still a settlement at the southwest end of Lake Michigan? Hard to say, but memory of all things American, Canadian, and Mexican, seems to have faded over the centuries. Second, place names survive to some extent. have not. That indicates that some basic or fundamental place memory may have survived as well. manufacturing components of an economy are mobile over time.

This means that an area specializing in technological R&D and manufacturing in the future may have no correlation to areas known for high tech R&D and manufacturing today. Fourth, agricultural areas will likely remain somewhat intact. It would be easier to move the high tech brainpower from Silicon Valley to District 3 than to force North Dakota to farm large quantities of likely to keep doing so. Fifth, mining areas will remain static over time. Therefore, a place specializing in graphite mining would not be able to pick-up the graphite deposits and move them, but would remain in a similar location as today. Lastly, borders have been historically guided by geography, land use, ethnicity, or lines of latitude and longitude.

Artificially establishing borders based on a mathematical formula, while possible, is not a likely development from a human perspective.

For this essay, guides to District boundaries, with a several points set by latitude and longitude.


We know that some amount of land was swallowed up by the seas To do this, I chose a simple approach. I looked at several topographical maps of North America as it exists today. I then went into Photoshop and turned the lowest level of elevation into water. This is the result. hogwartsprofessor.com
This represents an increase in sea level of about 300 to 350 feet extreme, but it seems to work. I made attempts at more and less water, but they were less satisfactory.

The depth is clearly arguable, so rest of California, Oregon and Washington, while obviously tempting to a Texan, would not result in Panem. The globe would become something


DISTRICT ONE: Almost certainly, a close offshoot of the Capitol: its first district. And no one is going to build a whole district to manufacture luxury goods, so my guess is that it was a pre-existing site, with the industry it was already associated with named as its chance that it started out as a resort for day trips from the Capitol. There are quite a few nice places like that in striking distance of Salt Lake. Honeyville is at the far end of the lake from the Capitol, bump into each other, but close enough for weekend vacations. DISTRICT THREE: Why would they even ship something that central to the Capitol out of the Capitol in the first place? We do know that of the Capitol. So maybe they exiled a bunch of dangerous scientists to far.

So, I figured the Bonneville Salt Flats would be a pretty punishing place to live. DISTRICT FIVE: Power. Could, and should, be everywhere, but apparently has a distinct location in Panem.

They probably process and store all kinds of energy. Lots of geothermal and hydro around Yellowstone, so...

? It makes as much sense as anything else. DISTRICT SIX: How do you locate transportation? I put it between five and seven on the thought that maybe they numbered in order for once, and that maybe it was originally built as a way station to carry the world clues. Maybe they also run the trains and staff those fueling and maintenance stations out between the districts. I also think that the trains may go through a central point, rather than going district to district once you cross the Mississippi, and that point would be in Panem to be: Does that make any sense outside my head?


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