A Map Of Staten Island


* Assuming you are starting your voyage from Manhattan, the best time months, off-peak hours can be crowded with tourists. the busiest day of the week.

If you want a less crowded ferry, we am or after 7 pm. If you think 7 pm is too late, remember in the summer months, the sun sets much later. And evening rides on the ferry * BOTTOM LINE: Take the ferry when it works best for your schedule. If you have flexibility, use our recommendations above.

No matter what, the ride will be amazing. * You must disembark the ferry at the Staten Island Terminal and then re-board to heading back to Manhattan. services are available in each terminal and also on the ferries.

* Bikes ARE permitted aboard the ferry. * Snacks and food are sold on the ferry, including beer.

They are a bit pricey though. * There are bathrooms on the ferry, though not as clean as the bathrooms in the terminals. * No smoking is allowed. terminal, ------------------------- Back to top -------------------------


building is in the French Renaissance style and has a beautiful clock largest collection of WPA artwork anywhere in New York City.

The Esplanade, located on the Northern Shore of Staten Island, has along it from the Ferry Terminal you will come to the Postcards memorial completed in New York City, and is dedicated to the 275 victim has a plaque with their name, date of birth, and where they frame the location of the former towers across the river. This magnificent 1800 seat theatre opened in 1929 as a vaudeville and visitors can admire the ornate interior, with its large chandeliers performances at night, so check out St. George Theatre website * Admission: $3 for adults, $2 for students and seniors and FREE for 12pm to 5pm This museum, opened in 1881, is home to over two million artifacts. considered to be the most comprehensive exhibit about the Native history of the Staten Island Ferry before you get back on for your return trip! single A, minor league baseball team affiliated with the major league to enjoy a baseball game at a fraction of major league prices, this is while you are in town!


This borough is often overlooked by tourists, but Staten Island has quite a bit to offer. As shown in the video above, there are several attractions near the ferry terminal.

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* Staten Island is the least populous of the five boroughs, but the third largest in terms of land size. reopened briefly to receive the debris cleared from the World Trade largest park. * Staten Island is the only borough not connected to the New York City Subway system. * Cornelius Vanderbilt, the railroad tycoon and financier of Grand 27, 1794, of Dutch/English background. At 16, Vanderbilt he started until he became one of the richest Americans in the 1800s.

* Some of the first humans passed through Staten Island about 15,000 5,000 years ago. * The first recorded European contact with the island was by Giovanni spans the waterway between Brooklyn and Staten Island, is named for him. * The next European on the island was Henry Hudson, sailing for the * Staten Island was occupied by British troops throughout the American Revolution. * Staten Island became a part of New York City in 1898, when the five not begin to be commonly called Staten Island until 1975. * Staten Island is the only borough without a NYC Department of Corrections major detention center.

public park. favored secession from New York City. * Read our comparison post on New York City boat tours and cruises freetoursbyfoot.com
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