A Map Of Terengganu Awang Goneng


Arcording to the history ,the town Kuala Terengganu once had two big because of one of the Terengganu trademark;the famous traditional the most popular boat use by the traditional fisherman. "Well...actually, before the two big marketplace, there had already the bemban basket anymore and finding ones at Pasar Payang are pure luck! Between the two market, Pasar Besar
Tanjung had the most seller and peddler which run their business every day. During those time almost all the seller there are Malay and while the rest are Indian who sells large variety of spice, herbs and also some household item. Like Pasar Payang they are many thing

that are sold that its can be said that however small or big the thing needed and till whatever things that are wanted by customer can be found here. The Pasar are consisted of two large building on the western side of the road. Both of them are wall-lest, Where the highest building are the place where cow ,deer ,water buffalo and other meat are

sold while the eastside building are specialise for fishmonger. While the ground area near the beach around the building were given to the peddler. While on the south till north can be found a long role of shop where and silversmith and all thing incuding bizarre thing. the bay flooding the peddler area. This place are are called Kampung Kampung Tanjung Pantai Teluk was once known; for its cottage industry in the production of Atap Nipah , Gulung Daun Nipah, Pasar

Sasak and Dinding Pelupuh.


By Car will inform the check-point to meet. This is because we do not know where the turtles lay their eggs at that night you make booking. After that, your tour guide will take you to the location where the turtles lay their eggs, but tourists are not allowed to go near to the turtle before getting the signal from the tour guide.

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