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Before setting off on any trip you should make sure your car is in good working order. Check the oil, fill the gas tank, check the tire pressure on all of your cars, check the treads and make sure it about things going wrong, but it just makes sense to prevent any breakdowns.

Plot your route ahead of time, and have more than one option just in know what roads and highways that you will be traveling on. It also provides you with the chance to plan in stops for services, and stops for sites of interest. Street Maps provides you with traffic cam information, weather, tourist stops, coffee shops, gas, food, hotels and rest areas. This allows you to plan for every eventuality.


Maps highlight hazards- they take into consideration things like go, they show you where not to go. If you find yourself lost they You look at a map before you set off on your journey and you plan your route, but as you travel you consult your map to ensure that you are still on the right path.

Because you can check your progress regularly, you can adapt if any situations change.

A map is like a constant loop of feedback- where am I? Do I need to adjust? You do, and when you do you can check again and again as you go. Not everyone can read a map well, but everyone can read a map. It with information and you follow it. Maps are for everyone.


Street Maps will factor in real time traffic information, so if you position to get the best possible routes, as it will help you avoid any traffic jams as you travel. This feature is especially handy if looking for an optimum route.

Street Maps simply cannot be beat, by offering you accurate, easy to read maps that are fully up to date and real time traffic information away from a weather update, too.


plan multiple routes. Plan your trip from home to your first stop, then put in that point to your next stop, this will allow you to check travel times so that you can plan your trip right down to the last minute. It can be great for you factoring in day trips and planning all of your activities in advance so that you get the most out of your pop up on the route. be seen as a sign of weakness, but a sign of intelligence. Why fill and some free Wi-Fi to keep up to date with your family and friends on your travels.

Plus, you can use Trip Advisor to check out hotels and restaurants on your route and plan out where you want to stop along the way.

I coming from, and I even like to plan ahead by checking the menu to see if I can get some good BBQ. Street Maps is quick and easy to use and offers up to date information that is sure to get you where you going as quickly and safely as possible. You can plan in your rest stops to coincide with coffee top ups and point of interest into that same location. Get turn by turn directions to alleviate your stress and allow you to enjoy what truly makes a road trip a road trip.


So, what is the job of a map? To show you a territory. What are directions for? To get you through that territory safely. Maps are serve as factual guides to lead you in the right direction.

They also you want to travel via all of the tourist sites then you can, if you want to know where every rest stop is within 10 miles of where you are at any given moment then you can. Maps are a beautiful thing.


history. Think about what technology they had hundreds of years ago versus what we have now? Maps are now available online which means they are regularly updated for intensely high percentages of accuracy. There is no use in an inaccurate map. Street Maps offers up to date maps that you can use regularly without worry. constantly updated.

An online map that offers directions cannot be rendered obsolete, because it is constantly evolving as the world around us evolves. you can agree now that maps are truly a thing of beauty.


Planning your route is always the best way to avoid congestion.

If you have to, plan a few routes so that you can change them up the morning regularly before setting off. Listening to the traffic in your car before you leave and you might still end up right in the middle of a mess. Assume nothing. Check what activities are happening in the area you will be traveling through, that could slow you down and lead to heavy going without massive delays.


ahead of the game. We also mentioned listening to the radio so you can keep abreast of any traffic issues as they arise. Using GPS is another great way to stay on top of things. You can look at previous routes drive- accidents are a prime cause of traffic congestion. A GPS system that offers live traffic updates is even better, killing two birds with one stone.


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