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This is a free tool to help you get from point A to point B without shortening your fun by getting lost. Using the Route Planner is a very simple task and does not take much instruction to get used to.

You can simply find this useful tool on the Internet. You will first see a page with maps and different points of destinations with their directions. Finding your destination is very easy; just enter your start location followed by your ending destination. Once the information is entered in the Route Planner, you will get a list of options. Simply verify that the correct points have been listed.

There are useful tools such as maps and even pictures through satellite listed on the planner. Even though this is the case, you can prevent this from happening to you by using road maps.

Bringing an AA Route Maps with you could really help in getting to your destination. It is the most detailed and most convenient way to find the best routes or streets in United Kingdom. .co.uk


Author: NOT KNOWN Size Folded: 12x25cm Size: 100x63cm Product Type: Sheet map, folded Description Delivery Options Ask us a Question Europe on a double-sided indexed route planning map from the AA at 1:4,000,000, prominently highlighting locations worth visiting, plus 17 enlargements showing in greater detail road access to main cities. The Continent is divided so that UK and Ireland are shown on one side with northern Europe including the whole of Scandinavia; on the reverse is southern England with Europe south of the Baltic Sea.

Coverage extends east to Minsk, Kiev, Rumanian and Bulgarian coat of the Black Sea, and the Aegean coastline of Turkey. In Greece and the countries using Cyrillic script all place names are in the Latin alphabet. Presentation of the road network emphasises motorways, distinguishing between free and toll routes, and gives driving distance on main map prominently highlights names of towns worth visiting and symbols indicate other places of interest. National and natural parks are also intervals and is indexed. Surrounding panels show in greater detail road access to 17 cities: Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Utrecht area, Berlin, Bern, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, and Warsaw. Also provided in a political map of Europe indicating for each country is area and population.


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