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The Microsoft LifeCam Studio is a sweet upgrade from a built-in VGA webcam, and good enough for high-definition Internet video chats and even home movies. ------------------------- quality video recording and Internet video chats at a reasonable Best Buy retail stores in October.

The LifeCam Studio features a 1080p-capable sensor, an improved design, a flexible mount, and a steady picture that looks natural in a variety of environments. There


If the LifeCam is not detected by your system, do the following: * Disconnect and reconnect the LifeCam. * Disconnect other unused USB devices. * Use a different USB port on the computer. If you can, connect to a USB 2.

0 port. * If you are using a USB hub, unplug the LifeCam from the hub and plug it directly into your computer.

* Restart your computer. * Uninstall, and then reinstall the LifeCam software. * If the LifeCam is reported to be used by some other application, do the following: * Close the LifeCam software and any other program that may be using call with your instant messenger program at the same time since they * Start the video call again from your instant messaging program. * Check the connection of the LifeCam.

Make sure the LifeCam is properly plugged into the USB port. * Make sure you have the latest drivers or the latest Windows 10 Update installed. * Make sure your sound is not muted and check the volume. * Make sure your Internet connection is fast enough to support video calls. * Choose the lower resolution in the Dashboard.


the LifeCam Studio is a beauty.

It measures 4.5 by 1.

6 by 2.4 inches cannon-shaped design. A high-precision glass element lens covers a new 1080p-capable, auto-focus sensor. It brings in more light than the prior model and is optimized for working well in lower-light environments.

Microsoft said the goal was for users to avoid having to crank the lights for video chats. In addition, a small cap extends out the sensor and compromise the image. The LifeCam Studio also includes a larger, higher-fidelity microphone than before. As before, the flexible, rubberized mount can sit atop a desktop or laptop lid without marring the frame. I had no problem mounting the LifeCam Cinema on top of a 23-inch Asus monitor and an 18.4-inch Toshiba laptop.

Microsoft improved the mount in two ways, though. It now includes a separate 360-degree joint for rotating the camera, and a new tripod thread in the bottom of the mount lets you position the unit on a portable stand. Between those two improvements, you can, say, show a drawing to a colleague, or conduct a chat in the middle of a living room with the family sitting around. Setting up the built-in software took just a few minutes. Unlike with snapshots and recording video files. It does offer effects for costume or a halo of stars, and other similar fun ideas.

Unfortunately, keeping it all accurate at HD resolution proved too much for the built-in software. Almost without fail, the effects fell out of sync, and sometimes by several seconds, even on a quad-core Windows 7 PC with an ATI Radeon HD 5870 video card.


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