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Aamir Khan was born on 14 March, 1965, to a film producer Tahir Hussain and Zainat Hussain in Mumbai. Many of his relatives were members of the Hindi film industry, Including his late uncle, producer director Nasir Hussain.

She is related to Indian philosopher Abul Kalam Azad. Who are related to him through his grandmother. Khan is the eldest of four brothers; One of his brothers, actor Faisal Khan and two sisters, Farhat and Nikhat Khan. His nephew, Imran Khan, is a contemporary Hindi film actor. More Than Aamir Khan :- Wikipedia wikipedia.org


The entire Pataudi clan has always considered giving equal status to all God created religions, mind you God created not man made. My entire Khandaan believes more in National integrity oriented Communal Harmony rather than creating differences of opinion by praising our own religion to sky high and thereby berating other universal religions.

No we do not believe in idol worship at all, no not even my mom, who has been seriously following only the Islamic religion after being converted to Islam as Ayesha Begum.

We may not practice what we preach, but we definitely do respect all the universal religions. As for the Islamic religion the entire Pataudi clan is very pious, devout to the point of being labeled as fanatically extremists. So its but natural that we follow all the rituals and tenets of the Islamic religion as prophesized by our Huzoor Mohammed, in the Holy


In a 2009 interview, Khan said that he took an independent approach in think every person should follow their dreams Should try and make it possible to create the ability to achieve it on the basis of its practicality. He has also indicated that he is more interested in the process of filming than the final result: For me, the process is more important, more happy, more happy. I want to concentrate my whole process on the first stage. Tags: Aamir Khan Nice Pics hotstaars.com
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