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The Edge browser has an integrated sharing feature with a Share button on its toolbar. Tapping the Share button will open the system Share Windows Store.

Facebook app. If you want to share on Twitter, install the Twitter app. This provides you with an easy way of sharing web pages without iOS. You can also tap the title of the page in the Share panel and choose to share a screenshot of the current web page rather than a link to it.


By default Microsoft Edge downloads files to the Download folder, which is located in C: -> users -> your user name -> downloads.

If you want to change the location of your download folder to the D drive, for example, you could do the following: * Using your mouse, highlight the text below: %userprofile% * Right click over top of the highlighted text and select Copy from the dialogue menu. * Click Start and then press CTRL + V on the keyboard.

The %userprofile% text you copied in Step #1 should output to the Start Menu. Press Enter on the keyboard to execute the command. * A new window will appear with folders containing your user profile information; one of those folders is called "Downloads". Right click the Downloads folder and select Properties from the dialogue menu.

* Next, click the Location tab. To change the location of your Download folder, click the Move button and navigate to where you would like to move your download folder. In this case, we want move it to the D drive, so navigate to the D drive and select OK, then Apply. This will change your download folder location for Edge as well as any other program that uses the Download folder. You will not be able to select a different location for each download unless you right click the download link and use "Save Target As," as previously described in Option #1.


Edge includes web page annotation features, which is part of why Edge Use the tools to draw on, highlight, erase, add notes, and copy individual parts of a web page.

The Save button allows you to save the note to Microsoft OneNote, your favorites, or your reading list. You can also use the Share button to share your marked up note.


By far the easiest way to change the download location is to right click a link to a file you intend to download, then choose "Save Target As". You will then be prompted with a "Save as" window, which will allow you to navigate to any folder on the system to save the file. If you need to save your downloads to different folders fairly often, then this is the best method to choose.


Microsoft Edge now support notifications from open websites, so you can stay up to date with messages or updates from your favorite sites like Skype for Web, Slack, or WhatsApp.

[Screen capture showing a notification dialog from Skype for Web in Microsoft Edge] Sample notification from Skype for Web Microsoft Edge will always ask for your permission before allowing a site to send you notifications, and you can manage notifications from Settings in Microsoft Edge or by right clicking a notification in


You can now import favorites from Firefox, in addition to Chrome and Internet Explorer. When you import favorites from any browser, they will now land in a separate clearly labeled folder, instead of mixed in with your existing favorites. Organizing your favorites is now collapse folders to see the contents of as many or few as you like. You can now also sort favorites by name in the favorites pane, and easily rearrange or move favorites between folders with drag and drop. In the Favorites Bar, you can now right-click on the favorites bar to display icons only, rename items, or create new folders.


browser on Windows windows.com
The Anniversary Update is more efficient when you have tabs open in the background, with savings of up to 90% in some cases Microsoft Edge will also now pause non-essential Flash content like advertisements until you click to play, which saves power and improves content, so if Flash consumes too many resources or crashes, Windows can stop it without impacting the rest of the website.


We already told you that Microsoft plans to finally introduce the third-party extensions support to Microsoft Edge windowsreport.com
might be some more features on the way. Reportedly, Microsoft also plans to allow you to choose a location for your downloads, as users Edge. This is considered a big flaw of the browser, as the majority of users choose their own download location, instead downloading to a default one.


Microsoft Edge delivers a faster, more efficient, more compatible, more secure, and more productive browsing experience for all Windows Anniversary Update will enable organizations to use Microsoft Edge as their safer, faster default browser, falling back to Internet Explorer 11 ONLY for approved sites that need backward organization has set this site to automatically open in Internet restrict the use of Internet Explorer to sites on the Enterprise Mode based on customer feedback, including both


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