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Almost all existing web browsers have Add-ons to help, for example, capture video and image files from websites, and download videos by entering the video URLs. Supposedly, Spartan will also play DVDs/flash download movies with the help of such add-ons.

But not all add-on tools are safe, and some even have unwanted adware. Besides, they may mislead you download some unclear videos from some unknown websites. To solve such problem, you may need an alternative way, and downloading movies from YouTube is completely safe. WINX YOUTUBE YouTube full movies music videos and so on from Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vevo, MTV, Break, and so on, no matter they are in MP4, FLV or WebM.


Project Spartan, the browser that will eventually completely nudge out Internet Explorer for good in Windows 10, has a new name: Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge will run on a "wide range" of Windows devices, and Microsoft stated that it made the browser to help users "get things seen already, such as distraction-free reading, and so on. sites sit along the top of the windows, under the search bar.

Under that is feature apps and news stories. The company showed off how to easily use web extensions to add functionality to sites--even ones pulled in from Chrome and gently modified, on Reddit and Pinterest.


The Universal Windows platform is designed to further make porting apps to Windows 10 easier for devs. Microsoft is trying to make it a is a .NET or Win32 application, but the killer here is the fact that developers will be able to bring their apps from Android and iOS to Essentially, the way it works is that in Windows 10, Visual Studio can compile the Java, C++ or Objective-C code and extend it with Windows capabilities. In the demos we saw, ported apps ran essentially the same as they do in their native environments, but with Windows 10 graphics, virtual keyboard, Windows Security Container, and so on.


Plus, sometimes the application doesnt start the download, although everything worked okay in other download manager with the exact same link.

Not to mention that it often happened to get download errors all of a sudden. The good thing about Microsoft Download Manager is its simplicity and its pretty clear that users like this kind of applications because they are extremely easy to use.


On the other hand, the number of features it includes is quite disappointing. It does support pausing and resuming downloads, proxy servers, automatic retries and multiple connections at the same time, but it lacks so much more. For example, theres no browser integration, which means that in order to start a new download you have to manually add the link.

Theres no clipboard monitoring tool, no floating window, it doesnt even show the download speed.


In a nutshell, Continuum is a tool designed to manage how apps display on different screens, and how they move and change on a single screen. It allows apps to "flex." For example, in a demo, we saw that Continuum allowed the user to easily switch between using a mouse and keyboard and then undock and use a pen or touch input. As the user resizes windows, we could see how Continuum resized the content--not just making it smaller, but re-presenting it in an attractive way.

With Continuum for Phones, the capability is even more impressive. It a desktop monitor. menu. When running apps from the phone, the look of each app jibed with the format of the larger display. It was so clean that we honestly would not have noticed unless we were told that the demo was happening.

and we did get a bit of new info. Cortana is getting a new UI in an to launch apps. Microsoft wants the process of getting things done with Cortana to be as natural as possible. For example, you can ask ask her to send one of your contacts a message via an app, and instead and simply get your OK before she sends your message. related apps that you may want from the Windows Store.


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