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Cari amici della ZonaMorta per celebrare degnamente la festa di Halloween, la nostra festa preferita, ho pensato di stilare una Halloween. sottoscritto, non pretende di essere oggettiva, sicuramente sarete in disaccordo con me, probabilmente al mio posto avreste scelto altri titoli, scrivete nei commenti se volete che film avreste scelto voi e per quali motivi, non sempre i titoli che ho scelto sono grandi film, ultimo di un film horror, dettaglio spesso dimenticato, questi film hanno il pregio di spaventare senza utilizzare il classico effetto da salto sulla sedia, sono film che inquietano, che turbano, sono film che non mi hanno lasciato indifferente, procediamo dunque.

cielo scuro, pioggia che tamburellava sul prato in giardino, mi ha Halloween, con bambini diabolici. dimenticherete. successo, consiglio anche gli altri titoli. Dei primi due episodi sono stati tratti due remake americani, Quarantena e Quarantena 2, il primo prospettiva e si lascia guardare.


55 been a more dread-filled study of mental collapse? Catherine Deneuve plays a repressed young Belgian woman, Carole, who lives in London chilliness. All around Carole, London is upbeat, going places. The youth are about to quake.

In her flat cracks appear in the walls and Carole drifts off into fugues and finally psychosis. The noise of everyday life is deafening, Polanski piercing the subconscious to poke Advertising 54 Father knows best his own child Jennifer, Lynch creates a mood of near-unbearable, panicky fear, depicting the sprog in question as more a fleshy hot water bottle than an actual human baby.

Shot over five years on a budget scraped together from university funding, art grants and odd fits squarely within the tradition of American avant garde cinema, but flirts with horror imagery and has a tone of creeping dread which more 53 Spaghetti slasher Argento fans have a tendency to divide into two camps: those who prefer his relatively straightforward, plot-driven early giallo thrillers and those who revel in the surrealistic beauty of his combining propulsive narrative intrigue with a series of kill scenes more elaborate and expressionistic than anything the director had yet Hemmings and Nicolodi have a real rapport as the amateur sleuths on breezily enjoyable film, chucking in a fistful of witty, satirical attacks on Italian masculinity and some of the finest prog-fusion 52


In lesser hands, the wild theatrics and camp stylings of Ken is finally tortured we feel the full horror of corrupt government and performance as Sister Jeanne. In March 2012, the BFI finally released fitting tribute to Russell, who died in November 2011. DAVE Advertising 51 Subterranean nightmare blues extra emotional depth by the complex group dynamics of six young women who plunge into an Appalachian cave system and discover they are not alone. As well as the cold, the dark and the claustrophobia, they find ancient, blind and ferocious predators with a highly evolved sense of smell. As the women fight to survive, they must also cope with their own half-buried secrets: betrayals surface, tensions explode and loyalties disintegrate.

Still grieving for her husband and daughter, terror and suspicion. A smarter, nastier big sister to the blokey


obsessive professor of plastic surgery. With the help of his abducts and peels the faces off young women. He then grafts the face, which in the meantime is hidden and protected by a featureless plastic mask. Effectively imprisoned by her father, who feels responsible for the car accident in which she was disfigured, the infantilised Christiane is like a caged baby bird waiting to find its wings.

There were reports of audience members fainting during the facial surgery scenes, but for Franju this was a tale of anguish rather than a horror movie per se. NIGEL FLOYD Advertising 37


Nicole Kidman plays the mother of two young children who have a photo-sensitive disorder that forces them to stay indoors in this distinctly grown-up ghost story set on the island of Jersey in 1945. upending supernatural goings-on. The scares here are incremental and subtle, driven not by outright terror but by doors that close themselves or pianos that play on their own. This is mature psychological horror, built on intelligence and an alluring, solid foundation of old-fashioned craft.


10 geeky ichthyologist to describe the merciless Great White Shark, could preternatural precision, a film where everything from the script to the performances to the photography to the special effects are just flawless, working in machine-like harmony to deliver the ultimate audience experience. Is it high art? Perhaps, perhaps not. But it is without doubt one of the pinnacles of cinematic craftsmanship. Which is even more of a miracle when you consider the odds against it. Spielberg was 26 years old when he was hired, a veteran of a handful The production problems were legendary, the budget ballooning from $4 million to $9 million over months of rewrites, malfunctioning effects became the biggest movie of all time, and the most commercially


100 DIRECTOR: Jennifer Kent CAST: Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman The territory where scary movies overlap with social realism remains largely unexplored by filmmakers.

Horror has traditionally been a of real-world tragedy tend to stifle the fun. So props to first-time filmmaker Jennifer Kent for never shying away from her central of this grieving single mother appreciably worse. And as women continue to be shut out of filmmaking roles, how satisfying that 99 Situation normal: all fogged up Redemption made his first out-and-out horror movie with this bleak, pointed small town, forcing the inhabitants to take shelter in the local supermarket. On one level this is pure throwback, an old-school tentacles-and-all monster movie which really comes alive in its modern drama, picking apart the political and social threads which just about held America together under the Bush administration. microscope, resulting in perhaps the most intelligent, compelling and 98 Cloak and dagger Horror movies which encourage audiences to sympathise with the monster are nothing new, but that paradox has rarely been more intelligently Pennsylvania teenager whose elderly, religious-maniac cousin is power stems from its unfashionable ideas about teenage wish fulfilment messed-up kid, his inner life depicted in a series of grandiose, reality: this is also a film about American poverty, and its Advertising 97 The horror game can be tough.

Larry Cohen is without question one of the most inventive, idiosyncratic American writer-directors of the 1970s, his outstanding oeuvre spanning low-budget social commentary, low-rent blaxploitation and a handful of the most politically engaged horror films ever made. Yet here we are, 35 years later, and he without question one of darkest, sharpest, oddest films on this list, a tale of serial murder, religious mania and alien abduction shot on deserves to be mentioned alongside Carpenter and Craven in the horror Winged Serpent 96 DIRECTOR: David Robert Mitchell CAST: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist


and frolicking in the bushes on a remote Scottish island. Throw in Hammer grandee Christopher Lee and some campy tunes, and the whole But something nightmarish lurks beneath the surface, as a dour horror, is now a gold-seal cult classic.

CATH CLARKE 35 Haunted dancehall drag race by driving off a bridge and into the river below. She survives the accident, but comes to with no memory of what transpired.

inexplicable evil and slowly dismantling any semblance of logic, Harvey creates a purgatorial dead-end where every turn just leads deeper into the darkness. In the process, he paved the way for


these winged creatures that terrify as Hedren fights to resist being pecked to death. Hitchcock often scares by suggestion as crows appear on telegraph wires and the noise of them becomes increasingly intense avian terror. Just imagine those birds in 3D. DAVE CALHOUN 28 You can make it on your own with an old camera, some enthusiastic friends and a few garden tools childhood friends Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and star Campbell secured funding from local businesses and traipsed off to the forest to make one of the most ferocious, original and unrelenting horror movies of all time.

Sure, it looks a little rough around the edges now first-time filmmakers, a testament to the power of plasticine, glue Advertising 27


Film che a Cannes fece scalpore per le forti scene splatters, degli ha prodotto film horror davvero interessanti, quasi tutti molto splatters e debitori del grande cinema horror americano degli anni 70 divenire un cult movie, molto violento e sanguinolento vi conduce nei cunicoli bui di un complesso di grotte inesplorate, nel buio cieco le ragazze protagoniste dovranno affrontare le loro paure, rancori cosiddetta trilogia delle madri, Mater Suspirium, Mater Lacrimarum e Mater Tenebrarum, da un brano di De Quincey, trilogia proseguita con Seguito del film 28 giorni dopo di Danny Boyle si lascia preferire al primo, secondo la mia modesta opinione, per la maggiore lividezza inaugurata da Alta tensione, film che punta decisamente ai toni grotteschi e surreali, alcune scene, come quella del ballo nel bar della locanda del paese restano indelebili. Un film poco conosciuto mai distribuito in Italia da distributori poco lungimiranti, uno dei film a tema zombie che preferisco, di ambientazione insolita, fatto con pochi soldi ha un buon ritmo, effetti speciali efficaci, una lenta discesa nella catastrofe, con notevoli spunti sociali. Bello e spaventoso davvero. mondo appartato che custodisce i suoi segreti gelosamente.


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