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This pathetic melodrama is always more interesting when focusing on the politics involved but a very schmaltzy "life lesson" whenever Lincoln appears - shown as a wise and mythical storyteller of pure Super Reviewer Spielberg updates Triumph of the Will for a liberal American agenda; Kevin M. Williams Super Reviewer Spielberg and Day-Lewis are masterful in "Lincoln".

The material is rife with C-SPAN-like moments rendered quite compelling due to their execution.The plot, while based on a quite complex historical situation, is told simply and efficiently. It is this efficiency that historical accuracy.But the high point for "Lincoln" is to witness the master class of acting put on by the committed Daniel Day-Lewis. He makes Lincoln a marvel to behold. And his performance makes going back to 1865 worth it.

Super Reviewer understand the legal technicalities of wanting a constitutional amendment to free the slaves; how Lincoln thought that the that, as I later read, his interest in racial equality was based on the bible: Egyptians kept Jews as slaves and God visited plagues on them, he thought America condoning slavery would keep us from being result and his tenacity.

Secondly, the willingness of Lincoln to sully himself in the trenches of politics to get to a higher good was astounding and I wish we had a little more of that in our one itsy-bitsy criticism is this: Spielberg did a wonderful job of not sentimentalizing Afro-Americans-then-slaves, great scene where is he example and you get the point that his is a fight about justice, not some rose colored glasses reading of human nature, but John Williams musical accompaniment was treakle: every time the camera lingered on a dark face the violins swelled and I thought it dragged the story into the Hallmark forest. Sally Fields was wonderful as the hysterical Mary brilliant and bone-chilling. And I loved the blue-gray wash of the film. Bathsheba Monk Super Reviewer


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Edwin Stanton: Youre going to tell one of your stories! I cant stand to hear another one of your stories! Mary Todd Lincoln: prosecutorial, interest in my household accounts Mary Todd Lincoln: You have always taken such a lively, even prosecutorial, interest in my household accounts. Thaddeus Stevens: Well, thats because youre household accounts have always been so interesting. Abraham Lincoln: The fate of human decency is in our hands! Thaddeus Stevens: Trust? Gentlemen, you seem to have forgotten that our chosen career is politics. View All Quotes


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