December 16th, 2015Bauer Media’s Absolute Radio is set to become the first UK radiostation to launch on Apple TV as the brand further builds on itsdigital distribution - with nine out of the top ten digital commercial
stations in the UK being Bauer owned. The announcement coincides with stations in the UK being Bauer owned. The announcement coincides witha new creative and a heavyweight national marketing campaign tocommunicate the stations’ ‘Real Music Matters’ positioning. Theintegrated campaign encompasses on-air programming, station imagingand experiential live events and will be showcased across outdoorsites throughout the UK, plus extensive digital display and socialoutreach across Facebook and Twitter.As the ‘Real Music Matters’ campaign kicks off digitally on 21stDecember, Absolute Radio will be putting the finishing touches to itsApple TV app which will feature a lean interface, innovative controlsand artist images. The app allows the user to see who’s on air,what’s coming up and what’s just been played, while the Appleremote can be used to easily switch between all seven Absolute Radiodecade stations.The ‘Real Music Matters’ message communicates a shared love ofreal music from a station which prides itself on a playlist thatdelivers music, from both old and new artists, who have connected withthe hearts and minds of music lovers; from Mumford and Sons, JamesBay, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Kings of Leon to ArcticMonkeys, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin.Clare Baker, Absolute Radio Marketing Director said “REAL MUSIC

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The new-look app includes phone and tablet optimised graphics and forthe first time, an In-Car Mode. Drivers will now be able to choosestations, control the app and tag content they want to find out moreabout later with a simpler interface. .co.uk Other features include a brand new ‘Timeline Mode’ featuring allof the songs and content played whilst in the app and a new ‘NightMode’ with sleep-timer for listening in bed, AirPlay for listeningat home on compatible remote speakers and a Radio Alarm Clock.The new apps are s.Over a 250,000 listeners used Absolute Radio’s player apps in thelast three months. This new 7th Generation of the player app wasdesigned in-house and co-built by All In Media and the Labs team atAbsolute Radio’s One Golden Square base.The app, currently being promoted on-air across all stations, includesIn-Stream functionality, the brands targeted, personalised ‘loggedin and listening’ advertising solution. Consumers who sign up for anonline account receive advertising relevant to their age, demographic,location or device and more music in place of the ads which aren’trelevant to them. Advertisers gain access to the station’s audience,allowing targeted ads and branded content supported by interactivevisuals.Paul Brown Digital development director at Bauer Media Group said:“Absolute Radio continues to be at the forefront of digitalinnovation and our 7G app ensures that we maintain our contentstrategy. The aim is to create longer, more engaged listening hours aswe look to build on our outstanding digital listening figures. Alongwith a number of major updates including ‘In-Car’ mode, the newapp will also provide some excellent visual enhancements for ouraudience.”


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