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KATRINA: AMERICAN CRIME STORY will be subject to a major scheduling shift from FX and creator Ryan Murphy. While this anthology iteration originally scheduled to film in spring of 2017 and premiere later in the year, necessary changes will now see it bumped into becoming the third season.

KATRINA will shift its production into early 2018, with a premiere now slated for later in 2018. The delay to KATRINA, which essentially shelves AMERICAN CRIME STORY for the remainder of 2017, also means that the 2018-scheduled, previously scheduled to air months after would-be Season 2 KATRINA AMERICAN CRIME STORY: KATRINA had been subject to logistical delays for several months and, back at the January Television Critics Association winter press tour, FX President John Landgraf explained attributed the obstacles affecting the serial chronicle about the insurance options. This major shift in the KATRINA production schedule also raises concerns about the prospective availability of the corralled cast, headlined by Annette Bening, which has no shortage of big names such as Matthew Broderick, Cuba Gooding Jr., Courtney B. Vance, Dennis Quaid and, par for the course of a Ryan Murphy


Annette Bening will portray Kathleen Blanco, the Governor of Louisiana during and after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Blanco was the first woman to be elected governor of Louisiana bestofneworleans.com
and spent much of her first and only term working to rebuild New Orleans and the surrounding area after Hurricane Katrina Bening has been nominated an Emmy Award and four Academy Awards over her distinguished career and is best known for her turns in AMERICAN BEAUTY, 20TH CENTURY WOMEN and THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT.

Matthew Broderick, Cuba Gooding Jr., Courtney B. Vance, Dennis Quaid and repertory Ryan Murphy anthology player Sarah Paulson are also currently booked for the series. John Travolta is also rumored to appear. However, with the production delays, this list could prove tenuous.


Ryan Murphy, who created the show as well as the anthology season two will mix things up as it tackles the national disaster Hurricane Katrina.

American Crime Story Coming To Netflix hollywoodreporter.com
The scope of the series will also be vast, but Murphy says that opera dynamics that played out in the freshman season. Most of the screen time. Many of these people are still putting their lives back together. in America, but along with the overwhelming sadness of what happened to New Orleans and its people you have amazing stories of city and your government has abandoned you? How do you live? How do you get out? And you get out by climbing up and pulling up people with not just what happened but heroic stories about people surviving AMERICAN CRIME STORY, the FX anthology, kicked off its first season with one of the great trials of the Twentieth Century, the O.J. Simpson trial that caught the attention of the nation from the moment the white Ford Bronco took off on a medium-speed chase on every news channel.


O.J. SIMPSON starred the ensemble cast Cuba Gooding, Jr. as the football Hall of Famer attorney Marcia Clark, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian, John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran and Nathan Lane as world class attorney F. Lee Bailey. The series received 22 Emmy nominations from a canvass of luminaries.


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