The first single from the band’s brand spanker _Rock Or Bust_ maypresent itself as a humble sporting anthem, perpetuated by itscommercial tie-in with the most recent season of US Major LeagueBaseball, but the force of double entendre is strong with _Play Ball_.
The lyrics, “I’m in the mood… Let’s play ball, shoot down the The lyrics, “I’m in the mood… Let’s play ball, shoot down thewalls” are brought to life in a music video featuring plenty ofbikini-clad ladies getting pelted in erogenous zones by out-of-controlballs.Yep, this one’s all about hitting a home run _IF YOU KNOW WHAT IMEAN_.


_The Jack_ is beloved as the song that most inspires fans at AC/DClive shows to get up and flash their bewbs, but when Bon Scott wrotethe lyrics “She’s got The Jack”, he was not, as many mistakenlybelieve, referring to the well known suit of cards, or even to thebrand of Tennessee Whiskey known to be quite popular among rock n’rollers.He was, in fact, referring to Gonorrhoea, the venereal disease, whichwas affectionately referred to as “The Jack” in 1970’s Aussieslang.


_“Like a hot rod baby? Oh stick this in your fuse box”_In this scenario, the “hot rod” is Bon Scott’s dick, while the“fuse box” is the unspecified sexual orifice of your choosing.The titular “Live Wire” is also Bon Scott’s dick, as is the“circuit” which the singer mentions later down the track, andcordially invites you to “soak”.


For those of you who don’t know, a heatseeker is a type of missileprogrammed to find a warm target and, uh, blow on impact.And if that definition isn’t enough to convince you that thisexplosive track isn’t just a stealth euphemism for boom-boom, thenjust take a closer look at the lyrics:_“Get your head down and blow / You gotta keep that woman firing /
You gotta keep that serpent clean / You gotta make her sound the siren You gotta keep that serpent clean / You gotta make her sound the siren/You gotta hear that lady scream”_.


This monster rock anthem has featured so heavily in pop culture sinceits 1990 release – in everything from TV commercials, movies andvideo game soundtracks to terrifying real-world attacks by cyberhackers – that it’s easy to forget that _Thunderstruck_, rather than beingabout mother nature-sanctioned electrocution, is actually just ahumble ode to the horizontal hokey pokey.Observe: _I was shaking at the knees. Could I come again please?_


From its squeaky clean, radio-friendly title, you’d be forgiven forthinking this groovin’ tune from the _Highway To Hell_ album isabout a lady with some killer dance moves.But the “rhythm” that our titular female protagonist possessesactually refers to her skills at riding the express train to BonerTown. Specifically, in the backseat of Bon Scott’s car.“You know she moves like sin / And when she lets me in / It’s likeliquid love / No doubt about it can’t live without it / The girl’sgot rhythm”Head here to enter our Summer 2015 Ultimate Music Fan Merch Packcompetition


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