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November 21, 2013 in Internet
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The makers of the ad-blocking browser extension Adblock Plus
options. While those options were more or less available before as well, the new way of presenting them made them more accessible to
all users of the extension. The company launched options to block social media buttons, malware and tracking recently
and some time later additional filters to block

Facebook annoyances
such as game requests or page suggestions. Today, another batch of filters has been released to customize how YouTube is displayed in the browser of choice. Basically, it will remove select elements on YouTube. with a list of filters that you can subscribe to after you have installed the browser extension in your web browser of choice.

The following filter lists are available: * Block all YouTube annoyances. * Block only

comments. * Block only suggestions. * Block only other annoyances. And here is the list of annoyances that you can block on YouTube: * Remove comments on video pages. * Remove all annotations on videos. * Remove video suggestions on video pages. * Remove recommended channels on home page, subscriptions page and feed. * Remove sharing tab below videos * Remove recommend and featured videos in the end

screen. * Remove related/featured/popular channels on channel pages. * Block "subscribe to see more videos from this channel" on home page. Depending on which filter package you select, you either get all of those options or only select ones. When you click on one of the add buttons, you are taken to the Filter lists page in the Adblock Plus options. All you need to do here is to click on the add button on the page to add the filters to the extension.
YouTube filter The filter is automatically active from

that moment on. It is probably best to test it by visiting YouTube right away after you have installed it, to make sure everything is set up correctly. If you have selected the "all filter", you will notice that several elements have been removed on YouTube. This includes comments, video suggestions on the right, share buttons and depending on where you are, others. While designed for Adblock Plus, the filter list itself is accessible here
If you are using another ad-blocker or method of blocking elements on websites, you may find the information provided in

it useful to do just that. Since it is basically just CSS code, you should be able to load it into the majority of element blocking browser extensions and scripts available these days.


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If you hang out regularly

on YouTube -- who does not -- and are annoyed by some of the suggestions and elements that are displayed on the video site by default, you may want to give the YouTube annoyances filter list a try to see if it resolves those issues for you. NOW READ: How to get rid of comments on YouTube

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