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Professionals in the industry come from a variety of academicbackgrounds, but many employers prefer a specialized advertising ormarketing education. Most management positions are filled throughpromotions of experienced staff who are already employed with thecompany or agency. Employers often prefer to hire candidates with a

bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in businessadministration with a specialization in marketinghelp graduates land an internship or entry-level role that they canparlay into positions of increasing responsibility and visibility.The first step to an account manager career can begin with anCoursework typically includes statistics, accounting, writing,economics, social science and a variety of marketing topics.

A marketing education prepares graduates to:* Plan, execute and track advertising and marketing campaigns.* Master essential computer skills to address the trend towardinteractive marketing.* Effectively communicate with clients, senior agency executives andconsumers.* Apply critical-thinking skills to make sound business decisions.

* Transition into a bachelor’s degree in marketingMany firms offer opportunities for continuing education. It’spossible to gain an entry-level job with an associate’s degree anduse an employer’s tuition assistance program to pay for a


Dublin 2013: a booming industry. Hundreds of young people signingcontracts for new jobs with decent salaries. They have perks, bonuses

and brilliant social lives. They recommend their friends for jobs, andthey get hired too. Friday-night beers top off another great week.Here’s to the weekend, when they take off down the country to gosurfing or pub-crawling in Cork and Galway.Apparently some kind of economic crisis is going on, but in Dublin’stech sector, where Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay, PayPaland Microsoft reign, the only way is up.

Emigration is inevitable for many Irish graduates, butmultibillion-dollar tech companies taking advantage of Ireland’s lowcorporate-tax rate are about immigration. Young Europeans are movingto Dublin to bask in a mini boom town, encouraged by a determinedrecruitment drive.Grand Canal Dock, Dublin’s most prosperous district, wears thissuccess well. Daniel Libeskind’s theatre sits in the same

neighbourhood as a bring-your-own-beer warehouse that hosts businessies;rollerbladers grind on benches next to restaurants serving perfectbrunches. Positivity seeps from Facebook and Google’s office blocks.


Account managers work with both the clients and the creativedebusinessments of agencies to meet the clients’ advertising, marketingor public relations goals. They direct campaigns, prepare budgets and

production estimates, and maintain relationships with clients.An account manager’s career is usually spent working in an office.Travel is often required to meet with clients, oversee ad productionor attend events. Stress can be business of the job and long hours arecommon – especially when marketing deadlines must be met. There isoften pressure associated with account manager positions.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) bls.gov employment for advertising account managers is projected to remainsteady in the coming years, while marketing and public relationsmanager employment is expected to increase. Job growth will occur asmore companies seek ways to differentiate their products throughadvertising, marketing and public relations in an increasingly crowded

market. Competition for the most desirable account manager careers canbe tough; job seekers with advanced education should have anadvantage.


The expanding role of social media in business means that there aremultiple positions that cover central social tasks. To start, you needto understand the details of what community managers and social media

managers do.The two roles may seem to have some overlap, so make sure thatyou’re clear on the difference sproutsocial.com before you start the hiring process and determining a realisticsalary. sproutsocial.com


As is often the case, location can have an impact on salary and foraccount management, this is no different. The South East provides thegreatest return for budding account managers with salaries in Londontypically 10% above the national average, and such placements inReading often delivering salaries 17% higher.As you move further North, salaries fall with Bristol, Nottingham and

Cambridge offering some of the lower average salaries. Manchester,Birmingham and Glasgow come within a few points of the nationalaverage. You’ll find roles in account management available in mosttowns and cities.


There are a number of niche skills that candidates can develop thatmay help to improve their earnings potential within account

management. Sales capability is perhaps the most obvious, withopportunities to earn significant commissions or move into businessdevelopment roles also providing extra opportunities. High performerswill find many promotional opportunities are available into roles suchas accounts director where you may oversee a team of account managers.  Anyone who has a high level of technical knowledge may also find that

there is more demand for their skills and, therefore, higher rewards.Niche sectors such as biotechnology or chemicals may require accountmanagers who can liaise with clients on a technical level. This levelof understanding may command a higher salary return.


Katrin Nagel, a 32-year-old German, is a senior account manager in“large customer sales”, managing businesses businessnerships for

Google. She moved to Dublin in April 2010 and says Google is thesmartest company you could work for.“Even the lunch or coffee breaks are just the smartest way for easyinformation- and knowledge-management, and team-building throughoutand between all debusinessments, as you meet your friends, enjoy amazingNagel worked in France for three years before moving to Dublin, andlike many foreign tech workers she lists the ability to live close to

her workplace as a big perk.Nagel’s Dutch colleague Thijs van der Haak, who is 35, moved toDublin in April 2005. He manages a team of online marketingconsultants tasked with acquiring high-value advertisers for theBenelux market.“I think Dublin is a great place to start your career and get someinternational experience, so I would definitely recommend it. I

already got my best friend from the Netherlands to marry an Irishgirl.”He initially intended to stay for one or two years. Seven and a halfyears later, he’s still in Dublin, describing his long-term plans as“open”.Is it all so perfect? Off the record, and in hushed tones, someGooglers talk about how unnerving they find Google’s company

enthusiasm can be, about how entire professional and social livesrevolve around the Google ecosystem, about the long hours and stressassociated with being business of a company that demands a lot from itsemployees.


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