ADOBE FLASH PLAYER PLUG-IN GOOGLE CHROME Plug-in Google ChromeLast Updated: Monday, February 13, 2017

ADOBE FLASH PLAYER PLUG-IN GOOGLE CHROME ChromeThe Google Chrome web browser utilizes its own implementation of AdobeFlash Player.  Chrome integrated Adobe Flash Player in June 2010 forWindows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  Prior to that time, FlashPlayer was only available in Chrome’s beta releases and developer

releases.  The addition of Flash to Google Chrome eliminated the need

for users to download, install and update it separately. for users to download, install and update it separately.Also see: How to manage Flash in Chrome Google Chrome users do not have to download new versions of FlashPlayer.  Google Chrome automatically updates its Flash Player plug-inwhen new versions of Flash Player are available.  In this fashion,end users always have the latest Flash Player security updates as soonas they become available.  To verify that your Google Chrome webselect ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME from under the CUSTOMIZE AND CONTROL

GOOGLE CHROME MENU (the 3-lined icon near the Google Chrome webaddress bar).


With Flash Player integrated into Google Chrome, users no longer haveto install Flash Player separately.  This creates a seamlessexperience for end users.  The Google Chrome web browser updatesits integrated Flash Player to automatically protect users with the

latest security updates.  If a user disables the integrated FlashPlayer in Google Chrome, Chrome will use the downloaded plug-inversion of Flash Player (if the end user has it installed on theirsystem).  Otherwise, Google Chrome will automatically use its ownintegrated Flash Player if a user has multiple Flash Player plug-insinstalled and enabled.An end user can identify or differentiate Google

Chrome’s integrated Flash Player plug-in from the system FlashPlayer plug-in if they have installed both.  The integrated FlashPlayer in Google has a different file name than the system plug-in. When you enable or disable plug-ins, please be certain that you aredoing so to the correct plug-in:


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