In _Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training_, author Todd Perkinsexplains the fundamentals of Flash Professional CS5, the industrystandard for creating animations and interactive applications for theweb, desktop, and mobile devices. This course starts with the basics,such as using the drawing tools to create simple animations, andprogresses to automating animation with tweens and adding

interactivity with ActionScript. This course also covers how to addsound and video to projects, enhance realism with effects like easing,and publish a project to a variety of platforms. Exercise files areincluded.Topics include:* Becoming familiar with the Flash workspace* Drawing basic shapes

* Masking content* Organizing a file into layers* Importing content into the Library

* Understanding symbols and instances

* Understanding symbols and instances* Inserting frames and keyframes in the Timeline* Animating with motion and shape tweens* Creating IK (Inverse Kinematics) animations* Using ActionScript code snippets to control video playback* Publishing HTML, SWF, and AIR files from Flash


Show More Show Less- Hi. My name is Todd Perkins. Welcome to Flash CS5 ProfessionalEssential Training. Flash is an industry standard tool for creatinganimations and interactive applications for the web, desktop and avast array of mobile devices. In this title well start with thefundamentals of Flash. Ill introduce the basic drawing tools and welluse these tools to create simple animations. From there, well createpowerful automated animations called tweens. Once youre familiar withhow tweens work, well add more realism and life to your animations byadding effects like easing.
After you master the basics of Flash animation, Ill show you how to After you master the basics of Flash animation, Ill show you how toadd media to your applications using sound and video. Then, well addinteractivity to your apps using Flashs programming languageActionScript 3.0. Dont worry though, with the new Code Snippets panel,you wont have to write your own code. Flash will do that for you.Finally, well explore publishing your flash content. Ill cover bestpractices for deploying applications to the web including how to useSWFObject to optimize your app for search engines.As an Adobe certified Flash instructor, Im excited to share myknowledge of Flash with you. So lets get started with Flash CS5Professional Essential Training.__ Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll


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