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* Downloads: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 * Version: V49. * Size: 11M Description The Facebook Ads Manager app allows businesses to stay connected with their ad performance no matter where they are. Easily create and track Facebook ads from your mobile device

with powerful and efficient mobile tools. Create ads: Use photos and videos from your devices library to reach people with ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, or reuse existing ads with a convenient ad duplication feature. Edit campaigns: Edit your creative, text, targeting, schedules and budgets, or schedule and preview your draft campaigns on mobile. View your performance: See how your ads are performing and compare up to 5 ads with a side-by-side view Stay in control: Manage account settings and track spending directly from your mobile device. Simple navigation: Easily switch between your Pages or

ad accounts. Tips & recommendations: Get timely notifications about ad performance, weekly summaries, and recommended actions for improving your performance. Read full description Recently changed in this version Bug fixes and performance updates View more


One of my favorite things about the Facebook Ads Manager are the auto-optimization rules. like your ad campaigns to be managed and let it do half the hard work for you.
Automated rules help to keep your Facebook ad campaigns running smoothly and notify you when something is not quite right. You can set up four different consequences: * Turning off the ad campaign, ad set or ad You can apply the rules to specific campaigns, ad sets, or ads, or have all your active campaigns, ad sets or ads following the same rules pattern.
Create an automated rule here According to the Facebook Automated Rules guide conditions include: * Cost per Result * Cost per App Install * Daily Spent *

Frequency * Impressions * Lifetime Spent * Reach * Results custom combinations of conditions that will trigger an action.
Customize your Facebook automated rules go live and Facebook will start to monitor your ad results.


Now that you have created your Facebook Page and have goals for your ads, you can now go into the Facebook Ads manager and choose an objective for your ad. If your goal is to acquire registrants

for an upcoming event, the Learn more about specific campaign options and how they can help you meet your objectives in this video.


When creating a strategy for your Facebook Ads, make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Creating S.M.A.R.T. goals for your Facebook Ads will help you achieve a better return on investment. be: acquire 100 registrants in two months. This goal will now guide your Facebook Ad strategy and help you choose the right type of ad.


Before you begin, remember these three Facebook advertising best practices: important to

know the purpose of your Facebook Ad before you decide on a budget for advertisements. Understand whether the aim is to increase for brand awareness, conversions, video views, etc. Each action made by your audience on your Facebook ad costs money, so make sure you solidify your objectives before making those investments. * BE SPECIFIC ON YOUR AUDIENCE TARGETING. Facebook houses millions, if not billions, of data points. Take the time to narrow your audience targeting to ensure your ad will appear where the people you want to see it will be. * ROTATE YOUR ADS REGULARLY. To avoid ad

fatigue, rotate your people see your ad too many times, so they get bored and stop clicking. Unfortunately, when your clickthrough rate starts to drop, Facebook penalizes you, driving up your cost per click expensive. This affects both acquisition and engagement campaigns. objective, target an audience, set a budget, and place your ad.


Facebook users share all sorts of information on their timelines, which is great for advertisers. Want to target engaged couples that might be buying furniture in a specific

city or region? Now you can. - APP USE: Go after users that have downloaded home-related apps such as Houzz or Pinterest. - ADS CLICKED: If users have clicked ads from companies like Home - PAGES USERS ENGAGE WITH: Great for going after users who like and comment on other similar pages, such as Houzz or Home Depot.


This step is crucial in setting your Facebook ad up for success. You can target ads based on location, age, gender, language, interests, and behavior. You can further customize by creating custom audiences
already know your business, or to remove them from your Facebook. These custom audiences can be created through a customer list, website traffic, or app activity. Targeting the right audience will ensure you get the most out of your Facebook advertising dollars. For advanced audience research and targeting tactics, watch the video below.


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