If you receive an email claiming to be from Aeroplan or Air Canadathat you believe to be fraudulent, do not respond and do not click onany links or open attachments contained within the email. NotifyAeroplan by calling: 1-800-361-5373 and delete the email after the
call. Note that if the email is deleted without clicking on any links, call. Note that if the email is deleted without clicking on any links,there is absolutely no risk to your Aeroplan account.Aeroplan and Air Canada use email as an essential means ofcommunication with our members.  For example, email is used to enableyou to check-in for your air travel within 24 hours of your trip, orto take advantage of promotional offers or enter contests.  As aresult, it is important for members to be extremely cautious if theyreceive a suspicious email from either company. An example of asuspicious email would be a flight booking confirmation email when youhaven’t made a travel reservation. 


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