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* Download the report * Contact us * Follow us on Twitter * Related topics Airbnb is a peer to peer platform on which people can list and book bed, a private room or a whole house. Short-stay rentals facilitated by platforms like Airbnb are part of a broader trend: the growth of are choosing to share assets and services via digital platforms. Hosts across
Australia accommodated around 2.1 million guests for 3.7 million nights in 2015-16. Airbnb engaged Deloitte Access Economics to assess the economic effects of Airbnb in Australia. This report aims to quantify the economic contribution of Airbnb guest spending to the Australian hosts and

the wider community. Airbnb guests are now a significant driver of the tourism economy, billion in 2015-16, supporting over 14,000 jobs in addition to the activities of hosts. An analysis of tourism policies across Australian states and territories finds Airbnb can help contribute to a number of their objectives. Platforms like Airbnb increase the supply of guest accommodation in volume and variety terms, so they can both drive growth of the tourism industry and increase competition. There may be costs and impacts for existing operators, but consumers stand to gain. One of the drivers of Airbnb growth has been creating lower cost accommodation options 2015-16 for guests staying in Sydney who might otherwise have stayed in traditional accommodation. Benefits other

than price are important too. One of the key non-price Airbnb properties in major markets are located outside traditional tourist areas. Other features include bringing people together from other states or countries, home-like facilities in accommodation, and the features of the Airbnb app itself such as the rating system. The non-price benefits are estimated to be worth the equivalent of almost $50 million in 2015-16 for guests staying in Sydney alone.


When you book a hotel you expect a certain standard, but it can be every listing is unique. according to its website, problems usually fall into one of three categories: *

Host cancels shortly before check-in or failing to provide access to the property. * Accommodation is misrepresented or lacks the promised amenities. * Accommodation is not clean or as described. So what happens if the accommodation turns out to be a dud? You should contact Airbnb with the details within 24 hours of checking in.
it covers situations where the accommodation is different to the quality standards regarding safety, access, and cleanliness, and they should be consistent with the description provided by the host". Peta Sargent, who has been using Airbnb for her travels around Australia and had many positive things to say about

it, said one of her concerns was the lack of standards: "Not all places have the same standards, or even adequate standards. Some places could be unclean, others unsafe


Uber and Airbnb and prime examples of innovation and entrepreneurship, both of which are encouraged and embraced in Australia for the large benefits they provide to the economy. These platforms have indeed transport and accommodation industries. For this reason, the ACCC has focused on the sharing economy as part of their investigation of online reviews and endorsements, as part of the International Consumer The ICPEN is a network of 50 consumer protection agencies from across the world, including the ACCC.

In an attempt to build confidence and trust in online reviews, the ICPEN released new guidelines for review administrators, traders and marketing professionals, and digital influencers. The sharing economy has opened up new and unfamiliar ways to collect and publish reviews. Therefore, the ACCC warns businesses and the ICPEN guidelines.


some iffy ones. Airbnb recommends "you always exercise due diligence and care when deciding whether to stay with a host". But given that Airbnb makes its money off the back of people booking listings, the last thing Airbnb wants is dodgy listings

causing trouble so there are a number of mechanisms in place designed to ensure trust in the system.


The verified ID badge
verify their identity, such as their phone number, social media However, Airbnb provides very little info on how they actually verify the information. While a verified ID is probably better than nothing, "trustworthy, safe or suitable". Listings may also have verified photos which appear with a watermark bearing the words verified photo" or similar wording. This signifies that an Airbnb photographer has been to the residence to take the photos.


There are also numerous other regulatory matters that round out the * Food, health and safety regulations; * Fire or disability access regulations; and *

The requirement for public liability insurance. Airbnb provides host protection insurance that protects hosts against third party claims of property damage or injury up to $1 million. This host protection coverage cover landlords and homeowners associations. ***
page. Emma is a Practice Leader at LegalVision and has 15 years of experience in legal practice. Emma heads up the commercial leasing team at LegalVision and also assists clients in the areas of Commercial

Planning. Emma has large franchisor clients amongst her client base and regularly negotiates lease terms with large shopping centres contributing author for Lexis Nexis Australia and a freelance writer, having had pieces published at Kidspot, Flying Solo and Business Woman Media.

considered whether Airbnb was a sublease or licence. In this case, a The tenants then listed the apartment on Airbnb to third party guests for short-term stays. The landlord upon discovery initiated proceedings because the tenants had sublet the apartment unlawfully to At first instance, in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal leases to the Airbnb guests
As such, the VCAT ruled that the tenants had not sublet the apartment. However,

the Supreme Court overturned the original VCAT decision, deciding that the tenants had let the whole apartment and that subleasing. This case considered the narrow issue of subleasing and that the whether Airbnb itself was illegal. In fact, a test case may be difficult given the differing laws between Australian states and territories and within local government areas.


Breaching the ICPEN guidelines or the ACL by publishing

fake or misleading reviews could attract the unwanted attention of the ACCC. In 2011, the ACCC commenced proceedings against a Sydney company, Citymove Pty Ltd for publishing false and misleading consumer reviews
on their website. As a result, the ACCC issued an infringement notice and Citymove was forced to pay penalties of $30,600 for breaching testimonials. Fake or disingenuous reviews can mislead consumers into using a service or purchasing a product due to a mistaken belief of its perceived satisfactory quality. Therefore, the ACCC takes these matters

seriously and can issue an infringement notice
where it reasonably believes a business has contravened the relevant consumer protection laws. *** The ACL, together with the ICPEN guidelines, will direct the ACCC in their investigation into Uber and Airbnb to ensure that consumers can continue to rely on authentic and trustworthy reviews. If you have any questions about your

obligations under the ACL, get in touch with our consumer lawyers
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CHOICE staffer Ines Gruber told us she

used Airbnb when she first arrived in Sydney, and found the accommodation was extremely dirty. She contacted Airbnb to let them know and not only did they refund her money, they paid for her to stay in a hotel after they found no other possible outcome in such a scenario, right? it will happen every time someone has a problem. For example, Louise L. contacted us highlighting how difficult it was to get customer alternative accommodation if the listing turns out to be substandard. It will either provide a refund or try to book you in at another comparable

accommodation for the unused nights, but this will be at

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