Know all the swift ways to pay AIRTEL BILL PAYMENT ONLINE. If you areusing Airtel’s network and broadband services, you would enjoy thehassle-free online payment methods. The Airtel interface offersmultiple ways to pay mobile bills online. Airtel bills of mobile andinternet can be paid with or without registering at the to pay their bills efficiently. As for Idea users, we have

already posted complete procedure of idea bill payment online. A hostof useful services is availed on a regular basis. We have coveredcomplete guidelines to pay bills of mobiles, insurance companies, andcredit card services. This post guides all Airtel users to pay theirbroadband or mobile bills.Services of Airtel are used all across the country. Other 19 countriesare also using its network and internet services. We have shown below

the appropriate pages of Airtel site for each mode of payment. Thereare various online modes of Airtel bill payment to huge time saver.Users can pay their bills from comforts of their homes or office

desks. If you are a new at paying bill online, we give you a perfect

desks. If you are a new at paying bill online, we give you a perfectplatform. While learning how to do airtel bill payment for postpaidmobile online, do check our other useful posts on bill payments


Airtel has always strived to lower their rates and provide the bestpossible services to their customers, which is why they give offers on

Airtel broadband bill payment and other services. We also provideattractive coupons for Airtel broadband bill payment online. For allthe lazy bodies out there, we have an Airtel postpaid bill paymentoffer too so that you can now retrench your bills by sitting at home.Get a maximum savings deal now by using the code Airtel bill paymentoffer to get flat discounts too. If these offers excite you, check outAirtel fixed line bill payment offers to save a tad bit more every



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Since fast internet is more like a need now than a necessity, you canuse Airtel 3G offer today for the best deals possible and get couponsfrom this brilliant network known for its quality services across theglobe. The new Airtel 4G offers in AP and Kolkata have made Airtel’sbrand name become a pioneer in the field. You can now get Airtel 1 GBoffer for your mobile to have more internet at lesser rates thanbefore. You can also use Airtel 4G bill payment for paying your bill

online and saving your money by getting discounts on the bill amount.Apart from this, Airtel broadband offers are also available, whichhave high speed data transfer quota and download speed. You can alsouse Airtel broadband payment online or Airtel broadband online

recharge for paying your monthly bill and get discounts. To change recharge for paying your monthly bill and get discounts. To changeyour billing cycle or plan, you can go to Airtel broadband my accountsection on their website and choose another plan for your broadband.To know more Airtel broadband payment offers, visit our webpage as wekeep coming up with new deals.  


Follow the procedure to pay bills using login. You can login just byentering your mobile number. With login at my account, you can viewpayment histories and detailed monthly usages.* Follow the option ‘Login My Account’ under the ‘QuickLinks.’* Select the service you want to pay for. I.e. mobile / landline /broadband / digital tv.* Enter your mobile number as suggested on the screen.* Click on the ‘submit’ button.* You will receive a one-time OTP password on your mobile. Use thispassword to login your account.* Enter the amount to be paid and select the payment mode.* Press ‘submit’ button and select your bank for payment.* You will reach the payment gateway.* Enter your card details to complete airtel postpaid bill paymentprocedure.Your payment will be debited from your account. You will also receivethe transaction reference number. This ensures you of your successfulairtel postpaid bill payment. 


FreeCharge is a fast and secure way to make Airtel broadband rechargepayments using netbanking, credit card, or debit card. You can enjoyeffortless recharging on the FreeCharge portal, exclusive mobile appas well as mobile site.With all the payment options easily available, your Airtel broadbandrecharge can be done from anywhere, anytime! The best part about thesepayments is that complete security is guaranteed so that no clientinformation is leaked and the customer data is secure and safe. Allthe payments and other transactions are encrypted to ensure thatclassified customer information is not accessed by anyone other thanthe customer himself.


Follow the step wise procedure and pay your Airtel bill payment just
in a single click: official site of airtel.* At the right hand side bottom, find the option ‘Pay Bill’.* To pay the bill of mobile, click on the ‘postpaid’ option.* Enter your mobile number and email address in the relevant fields.* Enter the bill amount. You can check the bill amount by clickingon option ‘want to know your bill amount?’* Give a click on ‘proceed’ button.* Choose the option to pay by debit card / credit card / net banking/ airtel money.Complete the payment procedure after selecting the mode of payment.You will receive the payment confirmation. If you do not receive it,check the transaction status There will not be any additional charges for online bill payment.


Here is the most hassle free payment way for those who can pay usingcredit cards. You will enjoy the convenience of making airtel postpaidbill with the help of HDFC credit card payment MasterCard, American Express and Diners club card are acceptable.Follow the enrolment procedure to set up the standing instructions forautopay:* Open the below link in your browser: * Give a click on the button ‘enroll now’. (at the bottom)* Enter all details asked at the page. You will need to enter yournumber, instructions, and mail id. The system will send an alertconfirmation to you for registration.* Provide your credit card details at the next page.* An authorization will be done with Rs. 2.00 payment. The monthlystanding instructions will be set on your card.* You will receive a confirmation through SMS or email. It willconfirm the starting date of the direct auto debit.The airtel bill payment amount will be automatically debited from yourcredit card account on the set date.


PAYTM Comments Airtel offers many types of fixed land line plans, according to therequirements of the customer. Airtel provides the fixed line servicesto a maximum of 94 cities in 15 circles throughout the country. Thefixed line services on Airtel including the call waiting service, callforwarding service along with the three party conferencing servicesalso. Though, it provides the simple and the convenient mode of billpayment options for the consumers. The landline user can select thepreferred payment option from the various available options. The firstoption is they can select the bill payments through net banking. Formaking gills through the net banking, they can visit the link given inthe airtel.


The consumer can choose the option as either prepaid or postpaid landline service due to the service connection and then later, they ask toenter their 10 digit airtel number. After entering the 10 digitnumber, they ask to enter the email Id in the text boxes as well as tokey the payment amount in the required boxes. Later then, this pagedirected to the selection of the bank, in that they have to select thebank where they have an account also to activate the net bankingservices in the required bank also. Once the consumer has to selectthe required bank, they ask to enter the verification code. All thisprocess is completed, they click on the submit button along with theyare redirected to the secure payment option as well as to enter thecustomer Id and password for the further confirmation of the payment.If all the transactions are completed, the consumer can receive thestatus as a transaction failure or success by the confirmation SMS oremail or else the eReceipt send to the email addresses along with thetransaction reference number is also produced as an acknowledgement tothe payment account.


* The consumer may also utilize their credit or debit card for theonline bill payment.* Later then, they are requested to enter the authentication detailsof the credit or debit card at only once.* The authentication details consists of the name that has shown onthe card, the card number, CVC code and the expiry date.* The online bill payments of Airtel landline give 100 percentguaranteed transaction for safety as well as security.* Additionally, this allowed to pay the bills of the families andfriends also. For making payments through debit or credit card, visitthe website of and select the post paid bill option from the drop down menu alsoenter their landline number of paying the bills.* After entering the number, they ask to enter the text and click toproceed with the further options.* After clicking, the consumer will be redirected to the securepayment options. With the use of debit or credit payments, they mayrequired to enter the authentication details at every time, when theyare using the debit or credit card for making payments.* They may use any type of cards like the Amex, VISA, MasterCard anddinner card for paying the bills in online.


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