Much has been written and said in _TOO_ about the self-constrained,self-contained and self-censored intellectual and cultural life intoday’s Germany. In the modern Federal Republic of Germany, a statethat officially brags about being “the freest of all states inGermany’s history,” even a minor politically incorrect joke cancause somebody a lot of legal troubles, something (as of now)

inconceivable in the USA. In this sense the recent appearance of aclassy, scholarly, right-wing nationalist quarterly in Germany, _Hierund Jetzt_, containing over 150 well-illustrated pages, feels like abreath of fresh air. What follows below is the review by ThorstenThomsen of Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s book _Separation and itsDiscontents _in_ _its recent German translation_._ Thomsen’sreview of MacDonald’s book was published in # 18 of the Spring issue

of the journal this year. Mr. Thomsen’s language and style,reproduced here in the English translation, may give a brief hint toan American reader about the overall political, intellectual and

rhetorical climate in today’s Germany.

rhetorical climate in today’s Germany.The psychologist and professor Kevin B. MacDonald from CaliforniaState University has the reputation of being a “controversial”scientist in the USA. Controversial because his published researchdoes not please certain influential circles and earns him thereforethe sweeping label “unscientific.” Therefore, the_high-flying_ American society cannot add up MacDonald to the circle of its

friends, similar to a colleague of his, J. Philippe Rushton-alsodubbed “controversial”-or the other authors who write in hisjournal _The Occidental Quarterly_, such as Tom Sunic and AlexKurtagić, or the British psychologist and IQ researcher Richard Lynn.At any rate his professorship at California State University-LongBeach cannot be disputed, although his university felt obliged onseveral occasions to issue explanations and disclaimers. In this neck

of the woods (Germany) he would have long ago lost his professorship,or would have landed, on the grounds of “hate speech,” in front ofthe district prosecutor. Kevin MacDonald primarily deals with theanalysis of Judaism in terms of evolutionary psychology. In simpleterms, the U.S. psychologist’s thesis is that Judaism must beregarded not just as a religious issue, but rather as a sophisticated“group evolutionary strategy” which has steadily enabled the

Jewish people, despite adverse circumstances, to persist and surpassother nations as resource competitors.


The strategy of implicit ethnocentrism – with the maintenance ofhigh ethnic homogeneity and exclusivity – provides the Jews with anumber of strategic advantages, such as the abov-average intelligenceand a strong proclivity to collective behavior. In all of his three

books, which in the United States came to be known as “the JudaismTrilogy,” MacDonald laid down similar and additional thesis aboutJudaism: _A People That Shall Dwell Alone _(1994),_ Separation andis Discontents _(1998_) _and_ The Culture of Critique_ (1998).

MacDonald’s book was published in the German translation in the new MacDonald’s book was published in the German translation in the newpublishing house _Libergraphix_ from the town of Gröditz. This ishis second book in the series on Judaism, which here in Germanycarries the title _Absonderung und ihr Unbehagen_ (with thesubtitle _Auf dem Weg zu einer evolutionären Theorie desAntisemitismus_). Whoever may have some concerns that the translationwas poor – given that the title seems a tad too bulky and taken wordby word from the English language -will learn the opposite whenreading this 376-page book. Other than a few exceptions, thetranslator did a decent job; the text reads smoothly and iscomprehensible even to the layman.Besides the purely scientific text, which holds a lot of inflammablematerial, this edition also provides MacDonald’s foreword to hisfirst paperback edition, as well as to the first one published by theAmerican publisher Praeger. Furthermore, the text is followed by acomprehensive bibliography. There are no footnotes given that thequotations are in the American language. One must also get used to thefact that the title of each chapter is not as usual at the top of eachpage, but at the bottom of the pages.Already in his preface the author outlines in detail his arguments andrefers again and again to his research results from the two othervolumes of his “trilogy.” The present volume deals essentiallywith anti-Semitism as a counter-strategy to the “group evolutionarystrategy” of Judaism in all its aspects, but it also deals withJewish strategies in combating anti-Semitism, which MacDonald, in asoberly manner depicts as a logical consequence occurring among thenon-Jews in a competitive struggle among peoples.


Prior to his final conclusion, chapters 7 and 8 clarify the questionas to how Judaism, from its own perspective, developed its own“special position” and how this perspective contributed to errorsin how they see the world. Firstly, MacDonald describes the lengthyhistory of the rationalization within Judaism, especially in itshistoriography, religious apologetics, and the development of Jewishtheories of Judaism. According to the author, numerous suchrationalizations, have led to deception and self-deception in regardto personal identity, the causes and scope of anti-Semitism, and therole of Jews in the political and cultural process. “I amarguing,” wrote MacDonald in the summary of the preface in the“Praeger edition, that “Jews, especially those who identify
strongly with Judaism, are subject to self-delusion while ignoring negative information about themselves and their in-group.”In the last chapter, the author raises the question whether Judaismtoday can still be conceptualized as an evolutionary strategy, giventhat the Jewish community in the Diaspora is also being affected andinfluenced by individualistic, ethnic, religious and pluralisticcurrents underlying modern Western societies. MacDonald does not seein it any danger for Judaism, and his thesis is that in an atomizedworld of traditional structures, which are in the process ofdissolution, Judaism can continue to assert itself as a community. MacDonald even suggests that these signs of disintegration inWestern societies provide an ideal breeding ground, so that Judaism,even within its own extensive unity, can continue to develop betterthan ever before.


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