__   View Brochure We train you for the industry of the future.If you want to write uplifting, epic orchestral music for film, games
or television, this is the course that will give you the technical and or television, this is the course that will give you the technical andcreative skills to turn that dream into a reality. Orchestration forFilm Games and Television takes you from first sketch through sampledmock-up, then onto the final recording with a live orchestral session,giving you all the knowledge you need to turn a musical idea into aprofessionally recorded live orchestral score.* Have your music performed by a professional 50-piece filmorchestra.* Personal 1-to-1 tuition from top professional composers.* Learn how the biggest names in the business and go from computerDAW to live score.* Electives in Pro Tools for Film composers, Advanced Sibelius andKontakt Programming.* A real-world approach that combines sampled instruction with liveorchestration and score preparation.* Regular online workshops and tutorial groups, forum discussionsand exclusive webinars.There is NO OTHER COURSE IN THE WORLD that offers tutors and supportstaff as well connected as ThinkSpace, and no offline campus cancompete with our wealth of talent from around the globe.


The following tax reliefs are state aid:* Film Tax Relief* Animation Tax Relief* High-end Television Tax Relief* Video Games Tax Relief* Children’s Television Tax Relief* Theatre Tax Relief* Orchestra Tax ReliefFor all of these reliefs (except Video Games Tax Relief) when your
company receives more than €500,000 a year in state aid, details company receives more than €500,000 a year in state aid, detailswill be published annually on the European Commission website If more information is needed HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) willcontact you.


Your company qualifies for, and can claim creative industry taxreliefs if it’s:* liable to Corporation Tax* directly involved in the production and development of:* certain films* high-end and children’s television programmes* animation programmes* video games* theatrical productions and orchestral concertsCompanies that produce films and television production companiesproducing relevant animation and high-end television programmes aresubject to special tax rules.These rules apply to all:* film production companies producing films (whether or not thefilms are intended for cinema release)* television production companies producing relevant animation,children’s or high-end television programmes* theatrical and orchestral production companies which claim relief


The course will prepare you for a career in the digital games industryor allow specialisation within the field of Digital Games incombination with Film and TV Studies.At Brunel we provide many opportunities and experiences within yourdegree programme and beyond – work-based learning, professionalsupport services, volunteering, mentoring, sports, arts, clubs,societies, and much, much more – and we encourage you to make themost of them, so that you can make the most of yourself.


* You will learn to create and orchestrate awe inspiring live andsampled orchestral film and games music.* You will learn contemporary commercial standard practice where theemphasis is always on speed and efficiency.* By the end of the course, you should be able to tackle every stageof the process of preparing and executing a live commercial orchestral
recording session with complete confidence. * We will take you through each section of the orchestra led by someof the world’s top film session players.* You will learn sampling technology, how to create and balance yourtemplate, choice of libraries, instrument placement, use of reverb,using controllers to enhance realism and orchestral mixing.* You will learn produce professional quality scores using Sibeliusor Finale and record-ready Pro Tools sessions.* For composers we will help you develop your compositionaltechnique and encourage you to explore a wide range of creativeapproaches.* You can learn to write to picture using live and sampledorchestral resources. Your optional film scoring assignments will bedrawn from real-world film and game projects.* Arrangers: Not all students want to compose and for those who wantto become professional arrangers and orchestrators, there is a wealthof real-world source material to work with. Every project offers achoice between original composition and arrangement.


The teaching team will introduce you to ideas at the forefront of thediscipline as well as provide you with a knowledge and understandingof professional practice.* The teaching team are experts at nurturing games talent and willintroduce you to ideas at the forefront of the discipline as well asprovide you with a knowledge and understanding of professionalpractice.* The games department is an extremely supportive community of staffand students. Lecturers are friendly, approachable and passionateabout games.* All students will have 24-hour access to the games lab, where highspec PCs are available to work and play games on. Students will alsohave access to the Flat Room, where an impressive collection of boardgames is available.* Film and TV Studies at Brunel is strongly committed to makinglinks between teaching and research, with most modules taught by staffwho have published authoritative work in their field.
* You will be able to make extensive use of HD digital cameras andAvid edit suites in practical modules.
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Our faculty are all current working professionals, many involved atthe highest level in the business.The people who will be giving you individual feedback haveorchestration and composing credits including:Die Hard 4, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Spectre (CinematicTrailer) Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Iron Man ArmoredAdventures, Lassie, Jungle Book, Angry Birds, The Scream, The Hauntingin Connecticut, Pokemon Movies, Robot Chicken, Caspar The Ghost,Aladdin Prince of Thieves, Project Cars, Red Bull Air Racing, World ofSpeed, Ripper Street, Batman: Arkham Origins, Tony Awards 2016, andhundreds more. They’ve work for every major film and game studio andnetworks and production companies including Disney, Dreamworks,Marvel, Universal, Warner Bros, Sky, BBC, ITV, NBC, ABC and manyothers.We are extremely grateful to our guest lecturers who have contributedeither in person at seminars and live events, or on video and includeHARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS (Shrek, Chronicles of Narnia), MARCO BELTRAMI(Terminator, The Scream, Die Hard 4), DAVID ARNOLD ( The Bond Movies,Independence Day), NICK HOOPER (Harry Potter 5 and 6) orchestratorPETER BATEMAN (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Maleficent, Hunger Games), andJEFF MACDONALD (trailers including BFG, Jason Bourne, Ghostbusters andover 200 more).It is a tribute to the generosity of all these composers andorchestrators that they are willing to share their expertise andinsights with the next generation of professionals.Bradley Jordan ONE THOUSAND VIDEOSACCESS ALL THINKSPACE COURSE MATERIALS. There are 1000 videosavailable to our students and every single one is available tomaster’s students. you have full access to all the course materialson all our other courses, including all the degree and non-degreepremium courses. Course text, videos, project materials, onlineworkshop library, everything you could need. Choose the degree courseyou feel most comfortable with, and then explore new challenging areaslike interactive composition for games, sound design, tv scoring andorchestration.

HOW _CATCHING FIRE_ TRANSFORMED PEETA FROM WUSS TO… Peeta Mellark didnt get much to do in the first Hunger Games movie —so how do you make him… Read more Read more > "It was intentional. It was intentional. We made an effort to change> Peeta a little bit. We just felt that he was a little too helpless.> At times he can feel like a piece of baggage. We wanted to make sure> that he was a little more vital. He cant injured all the time, he> cant be getting carried around all the time, he cant be getting> saved all the time. It was the thing that we worked on. It took a> little while to figure out the right balance. It really changes your> point of view on him when you come in and hes in a fight and he ends> up killing somebody."Not only does this decision to elevate Peetas status from being astone around Katniss neck to a contributing member of the District 12killing team, but it also helps facilitate an actual relationshipbetween the two. No way would Katniss be attracted to a defenselessmouse of a boy.AdvertisementAdvertisementPeeta is much larger in the _Catching Fire._ Katniss and Peeta and__zero chemistry in the first film (the whole cave scene was cut!). Andwhile its not a vast improvement, theres at least an attempt to showPeetas many attributes, such as the ability to think on his feet(surprise pregnancy, donating their winnings to fallen tributesfamilies), and many tender moments between the two (sleeping togetherto avoid nightmares, Peetas near death experience).


* IELTS: 6.5 (min 5.5 in all areas)* Pearson: 58 (51 in all subscores)(min 55% in all areas)Brunel University London strongly recommends that if you will requirea Tier 4 visa, you sit your IELTS test at a test centre that has beenapproved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) as being a provider of aSecure English Language Test (SELT). Not all test centres have thisstatus. The University can accept IELTS (with the required scores)taken at any official test centre or other English Languagequalifications we accept meeting our main award entry requirements.However, if you wish to undertake a Pre-sessional English course tofurther improve your English prior to the start of your degree course,you must sit the test at an approved SELT provider. This is becauseyou will only be able to apply for a Tier 4 student visa to undertakea Pre-sessional English course if you hold a SELT from a UKVI approvedtest centre. Find out more information about it.Brunel also offers our own BrunELT English Test and accepts a range ofother language courses. We also have Pre-sessional English languagecourses for students who do not meet these requirements, or who wishto improve their English. Find out more information about Englishcourse and test options Back to top* Overview* Course content* Special features* Teaching & assessment* Employability* Fees* Entry requirements* Related courses


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