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lists, Street Fighter: The Movie actually deserves to be recognised as one of the most entertaining video game adaptations of all time. Sure, as a representation of what the Street Fighter franchise stands for, Guile is downright hilarious, with his rousing speech to his troops being a particular highlight. Also, the casting of Andrew Bryniarski as Zangief was a divine moment of inspiration that needs to be that might strike many of you as a lame ending to a remarkable career, he clearly had a lot of fun with the role, despite being noticeably sick in many of his scenes.

Do yourself a favour and revisit this film yourself.


pushed special effects into a whole new dimension. Famously denied a Visual Effect Oscar nomination on the grounds that using computers was today.

The idea of a computer hacker/game designer being abducted into a virtual video game world and forced to compete in gladiatorial games is an extremely compelling one, and was thought up by writer-director Steven Lisberger after playing the game PONG in 1976. The film eventually got a sequel in TRON: Legacy, though we believe that the original is still the best. Starfighter]


of respect and a keen sense of spectacle, with an enormous Hollywood budget that put the film in the same tentpole leagues as Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Visually, the film is flawless, with incredible cinematography, sets, costumes and production design. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to give Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time a Lawrence of Arabia-sized sense of scope, and in terms of sheer hugeness, he succeeded. Fans of the franchise may not have Kombat]



The Wizard is basically a giant commercial for Nintendo, and yet, we fame, The Wizard tells the story of a group of kids who undertake a dangerous cross-country road trip to California in an effort to to play Super Mario Bros. 3 ahead of release.

Featuring a stack of nostalgia-bait. Regardless of its commercial intentions, no other film has ever tapped into 8-bit gaming zeitgeist quite like it since. Pro background extra. Ralph]


franchise, The Last Starfighter features a brilliant premise in which a video game-obsessed teenager is recruited into an Alien Defense Force after achieving a high score on a mysterious arcade machine.

It turns out that the machine was actually a training and recruiting instrument for a real-life intergalactic war. Now, the teen must use the skills he displayed in the game in real-life space combat. With a truly excellent premise and some impressive early CGI, The Last Starfighter is a classic video game movie. Wars]


While this film is probably not as good as you remember it, Mortal Kombat is nevertheless a respectful adaptation of the violent fighting its characters. Director Paul W.S.

Anderson gave MK fans exactly what could fight to the death. Featuring an absolutely wonderful techno effects this side of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, the movie is about as good as a PG-13 Mortal Kombat adaptation could ever hope to be. Fighter II The Animated Movie]


to the medium which is filled with guest appearances by video game amount of gaming references sprinkled throughout. Much like a video game version of Toy Story, the characters live in their own world outside of playtime.

Their individual journeys pull at your existence is a sad one, eventually leading to the kind of beautifully uplifting ending that Disney excels at. Easily one of the best video good.

Persia The Sands of Time]


Easily the best Street Fighter adaptation ever made, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie hits like a hadouken to the chest. Its beautiful animation does justice to the property, with gloriously realised battles that let the film stand head and shoulders above The film wisely focuses on Ryu and Ken as they take on the dreaded M. Bison, though Guile and Chun-Li also get their fair share of screen likes of Silverchair, KMFDM, Alice in Chains and Korn, making the English language dub of the movie the preferred version to watch in


This anime film from director Mamoru Hosoda envisions a computer-simulated virtual reality world called OZ, which the entire country of Japan depends on to function. Young student Kenji accidentally allows a hacker to use his OZ account. Though the damage is caused in the virtual world, much of it translates to the real world, too.

Now the hacker is on a quest to shut the whole system At once a story about a virtual world and computer hackers, Summer Wars is also a beautiful coming of age story about family, responsibility, and love. Summer Wars is one of the few films on this list that can be considered a genuine masterpiece. Need For Speed]



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