When a site like YouTube or Facebook is blocked, you can use proxysites to unblock youtube and facebook.When you enter YouTube.Com on a proxy site to get YouTube videosunblocked, you are asking the proxy site to unblock youtube and showit to you. So your college administration or firewall won’t know youare using YouTube. All they see is the proxy server address.

Effectively, we will connect to a proxy site (server) and then thatproxy site will connect you to YouTube. This will let us to ACCESS ANYBLOCKED WEBSITE LIKE YOUTUBE, Facebook, Gmail etc.All of the free Online proxy sites work in a similar way, there willbe a input box on their sites in which you have to enter the webaddress of the site which you want to block ( in ourcase). When we hit enter, those online proxy sites will let us to

access the site we entered.


3. Click on MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS and enter Proxy IP address selectedfrom the above list, set the PORT NUMBER TO 8080 and save settings.Nowopening YouTube in your address bar to access the website. if itdoesn’t work, you can try by selecting any other IP address from thelist.So this is how you can UNBLOCK YOUTUBE USING DIFFERENT WAYS, if youare still facing any issue in accessing the websites, kindly Commentbelow to get our assistance.Tagged with Open Blocked Sites


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