YOUTUBE-MP ALTERNATIVE WITH BETTER PERFORMANCE is a popular online service that converts videos toMP3. As a platform-independent tool, it can be used on Windows, Linux,Mac and mobile devices. Thanks to its simple interface, it isintuitive and easy to use. You’ll find the URL box at the center of
the page, and below that is a short description of the service. You the page, and below that is a short description of the service. Youcan also choose your desired language from the options below thedescription. Because of its user-friendliness, it’s one of the bestweb-based applications to use, if you need to convert videos quicklyand free. All you need to do is copy the YouTube video URL, paste itinto the address field, and click “Convert Video”. Then, the videowill be converted to MP3 audio file.Still, the site has several downsides. The most common complaint ofusers is that the server is always busy, and it sometimes fails towork in attempting to convert YouTube to MP3 which can be frustrating.Also, Google warned the site, thus, the site no longer works on GoogleChrome. Some users question its safety and stability because of thisissue. Another disadvantage is that it outputs all MP3s in one qualitystandard.After reading this short YOUTUBE-MP3 REVIEW, surely you will learnmore about the situation of this site. If you’ve already tried itand YouTube-MP3 not working for you, there are many other goodwebsites like YouTube-MP3. Listed below are recommended video to mp3converter applications that you can use.


There are plenty of browser tools that can help you download yourvideos fast. There is NO REASON TO SWITCH BROWSERS to use these as wehave A DOWNLOADER FOR MOST OF THE MAJOR BROSWERS out Helper is an online tool and a browser extension whichhelps people download videos from various sites. Having this extensioninstalled in your browser, you only NEED TO OPEN THE VIDEO’S PAGEand CLICK ON THE EXTENSION BUTTON (present near top-right of thebrowser).It will open a new page with the video’s download links in VARIOUS
FORMATS. It’s available on the Web and for: FORMATS. It’s available on the Web and for:* Firefox * Chrome * Opera * Safari is a downloader for the Safari browser which changes the defaultYouTube player, and enhances the video experience by providing somecool features like VOLUME CONTROL BUTTON, ABILITY TO SWITCHRESOLUTIONS WITHIN THE PLAYER, DOWNLOADING VIDEOS, etc.You can download the videos by CLICKING ON THE REQUIRED VIDEORESOLUTION shown in the player.


Just need to run a quick download? Try these few web downloaders whereall you need to do is put in the video URL.KeepVid is quite simple to use. Just ENTER THE VIDEO URL (video’spage address) and click the DOWNLOAD button. You will then be shownthe various formats the video can be downloaded in, along with theirdownload links.Click on the appropriate link and the video will get downloaded. Youcan use it FOR YOUTUBE, DAILYMOTION, GOOGLE VIDEO, VIMEO etc. It alsohas a KeepVid program you can download for Windows its use.SaveVid is an online downloader which supports downloading videos frommany other video websites. The process of downloading is simple: ENTERTHE VIDEO’S PAGE URL in the input field and PRESS DOWNLOAD button.Then you’ll see the download options – click on your desiredformat and download will begin.ClipNabber is an online tool to download videos. It’s available inVARIOUS INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES. The process of downloading videosfrom ClipNabber is same as others: enter the video’s page address inthe input field and click the NAB! Button.You’ll see the various formats the video can be downloaded in.CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE FORMAT and start downloading the video.Deturl is an online video downloader. Just like KeepVid, you need toPASTE THE VIDEO’S PAGE ADDRESS IN THE INPUT (URL) FIELD on the
website and PRESS A DOWNLOAD BUTTON. Choose the FORMAT YOU WANT and start downloading.You can also make a quick download by PUTTING DETURL.COM IN FRONT OFANY URL to download the video of the page. It also HAS A BOOKMARKLET if you prefer to click rather than type.


Streaming Audio Recorder is a program dedicated to record audio fromyour PC’s sound card and microphone. It can record streaming audioand convert it into a wide selection of formats in fast speed. You canalso search and download songs and edit audio files. The mainadvantage of this tool is that it offers a lot of functions andfeatures for finding, recording, editing and converting high-qualitysongs. You can even convert videos to mp3 in batch, rather than one byone. In addition, the software is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, which means you can use it as YouTube-MP3 for Mac.Download Streaming Audio Recorder offers two methods to convert videos to MP3.The first one is by recording audio from your computer’s sound card.Just stream your selected song while the program is open, and click“On”, “Pause” or “Stop” buttons to control audiorecording. You can also make the settings to save the audio to otherformats like WAV, WMA, AAC and etc.The second method to extract MP3 from Video is by utilizing “Videoto MP3” function. Click “Tools” and choose “Video to MP3”item, then a window will pop up. Just copy and paste the video’s URLinto the link space of the window, and choose the target audio format.Click “Add to Download” to convert video to MP3. If you wish toconvert several videos efficiently, just repeat the operation and addmore videos to convert.Above introduced tools are both safe, effective and reliable.Apowersoft Free Video to MP3 is one of the top sites like YouTube-MP3since it is simple and powerful. The site offers basic functions likeconverting online videos and local files to MP3 and searching music.However, if you need more features like batch convert videos to MP3,recording and editing audio, then Streaming Audio Recorder is thechoice to go. It’s the perfect companion for audiophiles, as itprovides plenty of useful functions.


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