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Hi the problem I have with jdownloader is that because it is a java based program the memory leaks are incredible, I have 4gb of ram, however after 2 hours of use my ram useage goes from 30-35% to 60-65%. So Im fedup of jdownload and really
need an alternative to Jdownloader. JDOWNLOADER, the world famous free download manager, is designed for the masses to download files and split files from one-click hosting sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. with fast speed. Having said that, it

still has many a side needed to be improved and tackled, such as the memory occupation issue, built-in adware bothering, rough-and-ready downloading quality and more. Hence, scads of users resort to seek for Jdownloader alternative to avoid the above mentioned troubles Jdownloader causes. But what is the best alternative to Jdownloader on earth? Here we list out the top five free JDOWNLOADER ALTERNATIVES with a desire to let you find out the best suitable one for you with zero efforts involved.


Talk about DownThemAll,

talk about one of the best alternatives to Firefox add-on that completely integrates with the browser. Its user-friendly design and enhanced faster speed makes it edge in to the BEST DOWNLOAD MANAGER lineup. With this fabulous Jdownloader alternative, you can tweak your video downloads by fully customizable criteria to get only what you really want! Click to see how to download music from YouTube Guide you to convert downloaded video to music Formerly called Geturl, Wget, derived from World Wide Web and Get, is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web. This alternative for download manager Jdownloader supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols, as well as retrieval through HTTP proxies. What impresses the user most is that Wget outshines other ALTERNATIVES TO JDOWNLOADER

in its robustness over slow or unstable network connections. In case a YouTube video download does not complete due to a network jam, Wget will automatically manage to continue the download from where it left off, and repeat this until the whole file has been retrieved. Yet a fly in the ointment is that during the larger files downloading procedure, the downloading speed will be comparatively slower than the former mentioned two, so you need to wait patiently.


Boasted for downloading anything, replay anytime, FlashGot, the free yet

open source add-on for Mozilla Firefox, is meant to handle single download managers. Recently improved its FlashGot media, this reliable Jdownloader alternative enhances its Youtube HD movies detection ability such that the FireFox users can let FlashGot automatically detect the HD YouTube video without any copying and pasting actions joined. But one thing to note is that its longtime Flashblock compatibility issue existing in Youtube still needs to be solved throughly. Select the media player to play back your downloaded video, Kmplayer


As early as

2007, Microsoft company had decided to focus on an app that is able to function just as the same as Adobe Flash Player titled SILVERLIGHT. Created as an Adobe Flash Player alternative, Silverlight on Surface. Moreover, seeing as a Microsoft program, Silverlight may not simply entirely accessible for Surface but additionally pleasantly coordinate with Surface RT/Pro, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2. Yet, this option to play Flash movie on

Surface Tablets will not work faultlessly. In fact, seeing as an immature product, you can find too many faults give up Silverlight in the new web browser has meant that the app will not do better in aiding end users to observe Flash together with Surface than Adobe Flash can. On those grounds, different tactics to get pleasure from Flash file with Surface tend to be wanted.


If you want your website to get traffic from Google or other search engines, you need to make sure that it contains content created around the right keywords. What this means is that you should be utilizing words that your potential audience is already using while looking for similar

content, products or services online. The best way to discover these keywords, as it was proven by thousands of thriving websites and online businesses, is to use keywords from Google search suggestions as a base to create content for your website. By creating content around the popular keywords that your audience is using to find information online, you are already giving great value to your website visitors. In return, Google will reward your web property with higher rankings

which entail traffic increase.


Keyword Tool is free online keyword research instrument that uses Google Autocomplete
hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords for any topic. Google Autocomplete is a feature used in Google Search. Its purpose is to speed up the searches performed by users on Google. The search terms suggested by Google Autocomplete are selected

based on many different factors. One of them is how often users were searching for a particular search term in the past. keyword research. It extracts Google keyword suggestions and presents it to you in an easy-to-understand interface. To generate long-tail keyword suggestions, Keyword Tool prepends and appends the search term which you specify with different letters and numbers, places it into Google search box and pulls out keyword suggestions. Best part, all of it happens in a split of a second! Using Keyword Tool, you can choose a specific Google domain out of 192 supported domains and one out of 83 languages that will be used to produce keyword suggestions. The free version of Keyword Tool can generate up

to 750+ keywords from Google autocomplete in seconds. The advanced version of Keyword Tool, Keyword Tool Pro, provides on average two times more keywords in comparison to the free version and offers a handful of other useful features. You can find more information about Keyword Tool Pro and subscribe at this page
You can quickly find and analyze thousands of relevant long-tail keywords with free or paid version of Keyword Tool and use them for content creation, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising or other marketing activities.


There are few places on the web where you can find keywords that people type

in Google search box. One of the most popular sources of this information is Google Keyword Planner. Unfortunately, data presented by Google Keyword Planner is meant to be used for paid advertising inside Google AdWords platform. The keywords that you will find with this tool might be too generic and not very descriptive. In other words, barely useful for content marketing, blogging, or SEO. Keyword Tool does not use Google Keyword Planner to generate keyword ideas. We find keywords that

people search for on Google using the different source - Google Autocomplete. Google Autocomplete, the source of data employed by Keyword Tool, was created by Google to make search experience for people easier and faster. Basically, Google shows the autocomplete suggestions whenever you interest to show the most relevant keywords in the autocomplete suggestions. Keywords that would help Google to retrieve the most relevant websites and help users find the most relevant content for their search query. Here is what Google says
autocomplete predictions:


As the must-mentioned Jdownloader alternative, uGet is a lightweight and full-featured download manager for you to download files and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.

Localized into over 25 Languages, its numerous features also include, but not limited to, Multi-Protocol, Advanced Categorization, Batch downloads, Speed Limiting, Total Active Downloads Control, and even more. No wonder Well, you see, this smashing alternative for Jdownloader is specially tailored for Linux and Windows. Consequently, if you are running on kiss goodbye to this feature-rich download manager and look at somewhere else.

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